Free on ITunes this week...Not the Messiah: The Road to Monty Hall

Not the Messiah: The Road to Monty Hall is free on Itunes until next Tuesday. Its only 1/2 an hour long. The podcast description didn't go into any detail. I'm downloading it now, I have something to look forward to watching tomorrow when I wake up.

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Colonel Daughter: just saw it!! the funniest orchestra rehearsals I've ever seen XD

Holly at 7:04 pm June 10

I concur! I'm watching it now :)

Lvndr HppE: Downloading it now as I type this. Itunes is a wonderful invention!

Holly at 11:18 am June 10

I know! I love it! I can't go a day without using my Itouch.


I've found it! It's an absolute DELIGHT:)))
Do you recognize this man... rem... lady...?

Rosemary Greenwood at 2:19 pm June 10

Better than Bowie :)

Rosemary Greenwood at 2:00 pm June 11

Or T.rex
Well she's my woman of gold and she's not very old, aa-ha
I don't mean to be bold, but may I hold your hand?

Paute at 11:54 am June 09


Holly at 7:29 pm June 09

so delightful

Tanya_Birklid19 at 9:40 am June 10

I first looked at it and I covered my mouth and thought "is that Mike?" even at 67 years old he's still in tip top shape!

mrsCutout: cOOL!! thank you so much for this :)

Holly at 11:19 am June 10

you're welcome :)

Colonel Daughter: thank you very much for the info!

Holly at 11:19 am June 10

you're very welcome

kisch: Thank you so much for the information!
I can't find it on iTunes though, maybe I'm not using it correctly... do you have the direct link? Thank you!

Colonel Daughter at 10:41 am June 09

it's: 'the road to albert hall" - I just downloaded it -- ehm .. are we sure we don't have to pay anything? ...

Holly at 6:44 pm June 09

positive, every Tuesday they have a couple of free songs and videos ect...

kisch at 10:47 am June 09

Thank you! I'm absolutely not familiar with iTunes, so I need some directions:) Will try to find it now!

Colonel Daughter at 2:22 pm June 09

you're welcome! I'm familiar with ITunes, but not with FREE ITunes hahaha!