Friday Night, Saturday Morning LOB debate FINALLY COMPLETE!

Yes, it's been butchered all across YouTube and various documentaries. But now, thanks to BBC4 and nir0bateman, here is the debate IT ITS ENTIRETY! Yes, in its full, un-butchered glory!

Enjoy, people :D

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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mrsCutout: I posted a comment here a few days ago! Where the hell is it?Damn!
Oh well I can't writeit again so I'll just say thanks for posting this.I saw it on YT just a moment before I saw this one! Good to watch it full at last! ;)
Made so mad though!

Here Comes Another One: Thanks for posting! I've wanted to see this for so long. I felt mad as hell on the Pythons' behalf, watching this. Muggeridge and Stockwood weren't listening to a word they said; they didn't take them up on any of their arguments, and they interrupted them whenever they tried to address any questions. It was a very poor performance on the part of Muggeridge and Stockwood and it insulted the intelligence of JC and MP.

J.Gambolputty at 10:07 am November 05

Thanks Nell, couldn't have said it better myself. ;)

Although I'm glad that this was uploaded, it made me feel sorry for Mike an John. Like it made a lot of you guys feel also, I guess. Bloody Muggeridge and bloody Stockwood (how did he ever become a bishop I wonder...slimy bastard). *shakes fist at them*

Pantomime horse: Thanks a bunch voor uploading! Poor Mikey losing his temper!

Iris: Great. Thanks!