"From Fringe to Flying Circus"

An aunt and uncle of mine saw this in a charity shop (why would you give it away?!?!?!?!?) and bought it for me. It's a brilliant book - full of interesting bits and bobs about the Pythons and The Goodies and some other influental comedians around at the time. So, if you see it, buy it! Or, at least, stick it on a wish list.

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Sgt. Looney: did it by chance have the Life of Brian TV debate, Thina? Cuz MANNNNN that's hard to find!!! :/

the_thina at 7:18 pm February 08

you mean the one when they where talking to some preist-like guy in a big purple robe and when mike got so pissed off he hardly could control himself? no, it was not in it. I dont think that has ever been aired in sweden at all.. these where just documentaries SVT (our vesrion of BBC) aired on their 30th annoversery. I have them recorded as well. (they also showed the movies on tv at that time, but them I allready had)

the_thina: speaking about dont understanding why people give things away. in my best friends house they have a room in the basement where people living in the house puts stuff they dont want/need so the others can take it if they want. and besides from finding all dan browns books down there she also found a bunch of videotapes. she looked through them before recording over in cas there was something good on them. and it was a LOT of flying circus, fawlty towers, python documentaries and life of brian! ok, the shows and movie you can buy on dvd, but not the documentaries (these where older than almost the truth)

mrsCutout: OMG you got it?????!!!!!!!! AH i envy you so much! i wnated this book so so much! Must be amazing! How'd you like it so far? Lucky you!!

LemonCurry95 at 12:04 pm February 10

It's a fantastic book, I'm really glad I got it. It's full of all sorts of interesting stuff you don't always hear about or read in other books. It's equally as good as The Encyclopedia of Monty Python! Keep a look out for it, it might pop up in a book shop here or there.

kisch: I'm reading it right now! Great stuff!!!

Sgt. Looney: Are you kidding me??? AWESOME!!!! XD
Really, why would anyone give THAT away?

LemonCurry95 at 11:57 am February 10

Haha, that's just what I thought! It's not that easy to get hold of (well, it wasn't last time I checked), so it makes you wonder!

Here Comes Another One: Fab, I'm jealous!!!