A Fun Little Question

Which Python do you think makes the most convincing woman? (when they dress up as ladies)
And who makes the least convincing woman?

For me, I think Jonsey makes a very convincing woman, My mum and I always joke that hes the motherly type when he does his lady sketches XD

And for least convincing, I say maybe John cause hes so tall XD

What do y'all think?:)

Oh and I could also use a little help in finding clips of them as ladies. Im making a video so I need some more footage

Keep in mind Ived used "hells grannies" "ann elk" "mrs premise and ms conclusion" and the
"parliament groupies" skecthes but i need more help. thanks for thy assistance! :D

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Holly: Oh, I think Michael is the most convincing. Its the way he stands in the Batley Townswomens' Guild presents the Battle of Pearl Harbor sketch. & I'm going to agree with you on John being the least convincing...the way he sits with his legs spread as a pepperpot...so un-lady like.

arkennedy: For me the most convincing is Eric and the least convincing is a tie between Gilliam and John.

Rosemary Greenwood:

Strange kind of woman part I

Rosemary Greenwood at 3:59 pm June 11

Strange kind of woman part II

Lvndr HppE at 8:20 am June 12

Hey, I've known plenty of women who have had mustaches.

Holly at 10:40 am June 12

lol, me too

Colonel Daughter: eh i don't know.... jonesy is the most convincing, he's a really good actor, after all; but graham is the funniest, he's always a 'negative-thinking' woman and cleese is the most absurd: as a woman he's not convincing at all...and that's the fun!

sit-on-my-face at 5:02 pm June 11

Ohhh, could you post your profile pic, pleaaaaase!!! I love Graham.

Colonel Daughter at 5:06 pm June 11

of course! I'm posting it on the 'good lord!' thread

Colonel Daughter at 5:10 pm June 11

well, I can post it here, too, the more the bettere. sadly it's just a screencap, so it's not very good... it's from 'the vault' on youtube

sit-on-my-face at 8:09 pm June 11

Thank you very much, always thought he was extremely pretty in that video.

Rosemary Greenwood:

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sit-on-my-face: Eric, without doubt, is the best. He's more feminine then one would guess. Graham was so beautiful he could be anything, a prettier lady then most ladies I know. John was too butch though, it added to his charm but it,s impossible to play a convincing lady, the hair and the posture and all... I think we forgot to mention that Gilly had a beautiful girly voice and a nice lady walking in MoL! He was also the best gay man. (GINGER!!!)


Cleesey is the least convincing, it's the height and the super manly features. The most convincing is a toughy, probably Graham, Eric and Michael. Graham had a rather a femine face, Eric could do a woman's voice without screeching and somehow Michael just looked like a woman like in the photo posted below :)

cough at 7:32 am June 12

yeah yeah yeah eric, graham and mike for the same reasons. i never found terry j very convincing as a woman tho.

The Ex-Leper: I think it depends on what kind of woman exactly... Terry J is best at old women and Graham is best as women in drag and Eric is best at regular middle-aged housewives so those three are the best for me ;D

Lvndr HppE: This may start a fight, but I have to disagree with you all. I believe that Graham was the most convincing as a woman. In fact, the first time I saw the Spam sketch, I thought Graham was a woman. (Okay, I was just a kid and I only saw a second of it) As for least convincing, I used to say Terry J, but I realized after much thought that John was the least convincing. In the Exploding penguin sketch, John didn't even know how to sit like a lady. Although he must have had some tutoring since then, because his lady-like posture improved when he did the Mrs. Premise & Mrs. Conclusion sketch.

mrsCutout: I would have to say with not much thought that Ewic would be the most convincing! He is a lovely woman indeed..then it's terry j. then graham or Mikey and then it's terry g.and john cleese!

mrsCutout at 4:33 am June 11


Paute at 8:40 am June 11

Jonesy said he felt like his mother!!!
Lovely mother! :P

mrsCutout at 4:33 am June 11

oh damn


Eric was great!

Rosemary Greenwood:

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I love them all in drag but these are the best

the_thina at 11:46 pm June 10

and these the worst (but they make me laugh so the tears are spraying)

Rosemary Greenwood:

Ewic is the best as a woman

Rosemary Greenwood at 11:13 pm June 10


mrsCutout at 4:31 am June 11

realy the first time I saw this sketch it took me a while to realise that this lovely woman was in fact eric! hahah lOl

MontyPythonrocks18 at 11:20 pm June 10

Ahh Yes Eric too is good at being female XD

Rosemary Greenwood at 11:13 pm June 10

But... of course...