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I found this pic of There is a pic of Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of "Inception" just walking around in a really good mood. It has been photoshopped into various pictures. I was so happy to seed someone put him in a silly walk pic.

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Cardinal Richelieu: I love Strutting Leo! And I love Python...... so this, of course, is fantastic :D

Holly at 9:02 pm September 09

That's just about exactly what I was thinking

mrsCutout: Hahaha this is awesom! I saw it on facebook too!

Holly at 9:03 pm September 09

he's just so happy, like he's in his own little world

thewastelandr: Hahahaha!!!

Lvndr HppE: :-D I love Leo!

Holly at 2:21 pm September 08

me too, he was so handsome in "Inception" I just wanted to hug him.

Not that late: Funny!