Funny song, mentions Michael Palin - nuff said!

This is "I fear IKEA" by the Lancashire Hotpots. I like IKEA, but I also like this song. XD

A funny song that mentions Michael Palin? What more reason do I need to post it on Pythonline?

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Here Comes Another One: While we're on the subject of the Hotpots - my other favourite:

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 3:16 am February 12

Oh yes, I listened to that one not long after I discovered the IKEA one.

"You're not an emo, let's forget this misdemeanour. Come wi' me and see Cliff Richard at the MEN arena!"

It's brilliant. And completely hilarious! My other faves are Make Us A Brew and Keys, Wallet, Phone. These guys are the bomb!

Here Comes Another One at 3:41 am February 12

Oh yeah, they're good. I like 'Me PSP' too.

J.Gambolputty at 5:47 am February 12

Dolby 5.1 is a good one too. ;)

mrsCutout: Hahahha !lol!!!!! This is so cool!!!!!!

TheNicePython: I think Michael should make a travel documentary to IKEA and make it in to an 8 episodes tv-programme.
Part 1: Finding IKEA
Part 2: Getting inside IKEA
Part 3: Exploring the food department
Part 4: Quest for the toilets(due to IKEA bum or similar conditions)
Part 5: Investigating the departments
Part 6: Finding way through the shelfs
Part 7: Looking for the exit, part 1
Part 8: The Holy Grail - The exit is found - after 10 hours searching

Lvndr HppE at 12:20 pm January 29

lol. I like this. But He should head towards the toilets, due to the quality of the food at IKEA. At least I felt sick after eating there. :-P

TheNicePython at 3:47 pm January 29

lol... spot on... and of course we want a lot of out-takes with Mike trying to put IKEA-furnitures together...

Lvndr HppE at 9:26 pm January 29

LOL! I love it! I'd watch that!

Here Comes Another One at 11:01 pm January 29

You forgot 'Michael manages to get in a mention of Monty Python'

TheNicePython at 3:38 am January 30

Of course HCAO... That will be the funniest programme ever!!! Perhaps the title would be "New Pole to Circle Around IKEA in 80 Days with Michael Palin"

Lvndr HppE at 3:31 am January 30

Even better!

Here Comes Another One at 3:51 am January 30

Fab title! I'd watch that!

J.Gambolputty at 5:27 am January 30

Me too!

a_nervous_wreck: I think my friend wanted to sing this in our eighth grade talent show, but they wouldn't let her cause they said it was, "advertising" IKEA or something like that, so she sang Time to Dance by Panic! At the Disco instead

Here Comes Another One at 9:52 pm January 28

What bureaucratic nonsense! My high school was a bit like that too.

a_nervous_wreck at 9:54 pm January 28

Same thing I said! My friend's mom and dad actually complained to the school

Here Comes Another One at 9:58 pm January 28

Good for them!

Tanya_Birklid19: My fav song now!! lawlz

Lvndr HppE: lol! Thanks for posting this. My mom loves Ikea. She actually wants to travel to Sweden, just to see their Ikeas. lol! I've gotta show her this video.

J.Gambolputty: I love this song! Yes, IKEA can be a little frightening sometimes, it's huge! You could be lost in there! But I like it. (I have a couple of bookselfs from there..) Great words. Plus it said Michael Palin! My new favourite song. ;)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: That's the best thing I've heard in a while. It's so true! My sister loves the place and, tbh I like it, too, but this song's awesome. Especially because they're called the Lancashire Hotpots (YAY! THERE LOCALS!) and the way they sing it makes me lol.

I don't want a Billy bookcase either XDD

And to mention Mike, too ... well, that's now put it into my top fave songs.

Thank you Nell! You've made my day!

Here Comes Another One at 4:28 am January 26

:-p Glad to be of service. Did you know there's a Facebook group campaigning for the Hotpots to be the next UK Eurovision entry!

TheNicePython at 3:56 pm January 29

I think I have a couple of IKEA-shelves named Billy.. Come to think of it, I actually have quite a lot of IKEA-stuff in my little room...(17!!).. and I'm not even from Sweden..