Funny...Monty python...thing...founded in Stockholm..!

It's some sort of...thing and when you press at the buttoms they shout Monty Python-lines! For example, the first one to right; "He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy..!" and the third to left; "No-one is to stone anyone until I blow this whistle... (yes you know the rest)" I founded it very very funny..! xD Hahaha bought in Stockholm, at Fantasy Bookshop or something!

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CamelSpotter: Found out the secret phrase! PM me if you want to know the phrase and/or the secret - I don't want to spoil it for anybody here. :)

The Ex-Leper: Ha ha I love the explicit content warning on the package

Lady of the Lake: Is the bookshop in Oldtown? It's my favourite shop in Stockholm. I got the coconut-version of that thingii...

MontyPython93 at 11:16 am November 24

Yes I love it :D

kissmyarrrtichoke: I bought one of them from Not the Messiah! My dad and I annoyed my mum so she insisted I brought it back to uni with me. No problem on my part XD £5 at the show then found in HMV for £8.99!

mrsCutout: Awesom!

MontyMaria: Hahaha! Fan vad coolt! :D Sån måste jag ta att skaffa.. men det är rätt långt att gå till Stockholm, när man bor nere i Skåne :P

MontyPython93 at 9:22 am November 18

Hehe jag bor i Ångermanland (A) :P

the_thina: vänta nu.... finns den? i nyskick? sience fiction-bokhandeln eller? sheisse! nu vill jag åka dit å handla, typiskt att man bor i dalarna å e pank

MontyPython93 at 9:22 am November 18

Oja... :O Men åk dit så fort du kan :D Det var värt hela resan xD

the_thina at 10:06 am November 18

vad kostade den?

MontyPython93 at 11:16 am November 24

Hmm...etthundra..nått...jag minns faktiskt inte, tyvärr! :O

Johnnyrose: Nice! I bought one atthe Royal Albert Hall. I love it and so does my son!

MontyPython93 at 11:24 am November 04

Sweet :D Hey have you found the hidden line yet? :O

kissmyarrrtichoke at 9:04 am November 18

I haven't, do you know what it is

MontyPython93 at 9:23 am November 18

Nope :O