George Harrison and Eric Idle

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French Taunter: Hey Guys!:) You who like George Harrison as I do here there is a video that I found on Youtube. It made me laugh because actually it is what I called after watching "the Paul MacCartney's death theory" ...

French Taunter at 1:54 pm May 05

Ooops, here is the link to it:

dr bloody bronofski: nice to see that pic, thanx.

mrsCutout: awwww!

French Taunter: Happy Birthday sweet George! Sacrebleu, he would have turn 69 today ... Missing his sweet words for the world ...

Mrs Attila the Hun 93:

And also this :)

PhilosopherBruce-Mrs at 10:45 am January 26

Awwwh.....*-*.....a dream team, I want to cuddle them both!
And I want that booklet!

French Taunter at 6:02 pm January 31

Sacrebleu!^^ Beautiful coiffure!:)

mrsCutout at 10:09 am March 03


john dickinson: Musical giants of our times,always look on the bright side of life

mrsCutout: Awwwww they're so cute!! Our two beautiful boys! Thanks for sharing JR

Paute: Lovelys.

Johnnyrose: True smiles, isn't it?

the_thina: such sweet sweet boys. god, I miss george!

Here Comes Another One: That is such a fantastic photo, thanks for posting!

mo: fantastic pic.

katithepythonfan: Awww indeed.... <3

a_nervous_wreck: The cuteness, it melts my eyes :) Awww. :)

French Taunter: Just a beautiful friendship!! :) <3