george harrisons python-flavoured video

starring neil innes (the picture shows whats parts he had) directed by eric idle and full of things that only makes sense to python-fans. so freaking awesome! :D
a little thing that bugs me tho, that the colnel is not played by graham, even if this was made in the 70s, so gray waqs still alive and had not even become sick yet.
but I guess there is some explination to that, even if Im not aware of it.

dont you just have to LOVE georgie-boy? :D

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thewastelandr: Thina - did you see the man (I don't think it's Neil but looks similar) wearing that stupid gorilla suit I hate??

the_thina at 6:55 pm September 07

haha, yes I did. and no, since he was in the same frame as neil a few times its not neil. I also spotted the union jack-dress that I love. :)

mrsCutout: Hahah I posted this when I saw it from neilstube! It's brilliant!!

the_thina at 6:24 am September 07

you did? in here? I missed that post I think, otherwise I would not have made a new one. but its just fab, isent it?
neil is also in georges "true love"-video, but you cant realy see his face in that one. but he is the guardian angel who steals georges girl. haha!

mrsCutout at 1:09 pm September 07

He is?Omg never noticed that! Wow!Yes it's an awesom vid! Yes my post was Anyone seen this?

the_thina at 6:56 pm September 07

I never saw it... whats it called?