german episodes, at last Im gonna get them! :D

mentioned on a swedish comunity that today is johns birthday. that was a conversation-starter between me and a guy in hes 40s whos a big python-fan as well. for some reason we started talking about the german episodes and he has them, and since he lives about 1 hour with bus from where I live we decided that I am gonna get to borrow hes vhs-tapes with the german episodes and copy them to dvd both for myself and for him. :) it will probobly not be before christmas, but still, have been looking for those for since I first heard abouth them 10 years ago. :)
(the picture is from the german version of lumberjack song)

that made my day! :D

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marga: yesterday night i watched the episode! what it amazed most me was that they were speaking perfect german! (at last it didn't sound dubbed in a studio)

MontyMaria: Avundsjuk! Jag vill också ha dom tyska avsnitten ;)

mrsCutout: Good for you!!!!The German episode is just amazing!I realy liked the sketch with albreht durer!!!I you belive it i was looking for the meaning of life on a dvd club and they didn't have it...instead they had the german episode so i asked them to copy it for me!!This version also includes 20 years of MP with steve martin.

the_thina at 6:48 am October 27

aaaah, I have the 20 years of mp, recorded it from tv 10 years ago when they had this big special. but apart from the lumberjack song I havent seen anything from the german ones

mrsCutout at 7:47 am October 27

Well you should see it it's quite funny!20 years was a hilarious moment with these great comediens from different cultures meeting but i was sad when i saw graham looking so bad!:(

the_thina at 7:52 am October 27

acctually I dont really like steve martin. dont know why, Ive never liked him. :/ and yeah, poor graham. it was just weeks before he died.

mrsCutout at 8:13 am October 27

Well that doesn't matter!He likes the pythons though so...!It seems to me that grahams hair are darker and more brown there!Still it could be my imagination! R.I.P.He would have loved the reunion

the_thina at 8:35 am October 27

I dont know if grays hair ooked darker there, I think its sort of an illusion because he was so much paler than you are used to seeing him. and he was so thin at the end too. :( that poor poor man. the world is just not quite the same when someone like that dies. and even if its been 20 years, I can still start to cry when I hear the other boys talking about him and his death.

mrsCutout at 9:06 am October 27

Oh yeas that's moving!You know "live at aspen"was the secon python relevant thing i saw and then i found out graham had passed!I was shocked!I googled and i learned all about it and when i saw live at aspen again i realy cried!it was so sad...*sigh*

the_thina at 9:15 am October 27

aspen, that was the 1 hour interwiev when gilliam kicked over the urn, right? well, I dont remember if that was when I first heard about his death. I became a fan in 92, give or take a year, and I think I at least had noticed that graham had sort of... how shall I put it... I heard about projects of the other members now and then, but never anything about what he was up too. so I dont remember when I first heard about it, but I _think_ I knew before that one.

mrsCutout at 9:17 am October 27

I didn't i first saw life of brian and then aspen and then the documentary called pythons!So you understand how awfull it was to learn something like that this way!

the_thina at 9:25 am October 27

yeah I do. :( his death was a shock to everyone, no matter when you first knew about it. but he still live in our hearts and in every show and movie he was involved in. its a loss to the human race, but at least we had him in this world once, and we should be greatfull about that

mrsCutout at 9:35 am October 27

Aha!And the rest of the team still remembers him!I mean they do not pretent to be indiferent in every reunion theyinclude a sketch with graham too!

the_thina at 9:39 am October 27

yeah, I think they miss him very much, even if they still can crack jokes about his death, as with the urn-thing. but since when was python about good taste? ;) and as john once said, graham loved bad taste, so he would be greatly dissopointed at them if they didnt do things like that

mrsCutout at 9:51 am October 27

ohahaha yeas i remember that!and the urn bit was hillarious!

the_thina at 9:55 am October 27

yeah it was. :D eric said that that was the biggest laugh they ever have gotten. graham would be SO proud. :)

mrsCutout at 9:56 am October 27


the_thina at 10:02 am October 27

but its a shame that he got his biggest laugh after he died. but whereever he is now I bet he is still very happy about it. :)

mrsCutout at 10:04 am October 27

o YES he is!! After all he is co credited for parrot sketch and many others....!|

the_thina at 10:06 am October 27

yep. ans cheese shop. ^^ the cat ate it!

mrsCutout at 10:08 am October 27

Yes his one too!I love the greec background haha!even though i don't quite get the conection(unless there is no connection)

the_thina at 10:11 am October 27

when he and john started talking about it it was going to be a man waking into the cemist to buy cheese. because the cheese was gone in the cheese shop. and when they read it out in the meeting mike ended up rolling around on the floor laughing. ^^

mrsCutout at 10:13 am October 27

oh yes i saw that interview on utube!that must have been a grat moment!!

the_thina at 10:24 am October 27

haha yeah. would love to have been a fly on the wall then. :)

mrsCutout at 2:26 pm October 27

Yes i can imagine my dear michael rolling on the floor ! XD

the_thina at 5:15 pm October 27

haha yeah. I also kind of wish I could see that fit f anger he had in the mud on holy grail, if youve heard that story. haha

mrsCutout at 11:07 am October 28

Oh yeah i've heard of it!O my god i don't think i can imagine michael being angry!Not even frustraded!He would just be a little moody not angry haha that is my opinion! I think i heard that on the commentary..