Getting another MRI to check for brain tumors...and I'm not even 20

Hey, it's been a while since I've been in. I have to get a MRI tomorrow to check to see if the "spot" (which is usually a tumor) near my brain stem has gotten bigger or what not. I get really freaked out about this stuff sometimes, one of my best friends died just over a year ago due to a brain tumor. I have a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis Type 1 which causes tumor growth anywhere on the body and gets worse with age. It can be painful at times, and in the case of my best friend, deadly. He died at 18, he was just shy of 2 months older than I.
I hate to be a downer, just keep me in your thoughts...

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mrsCutout: I know a friend with this condition...he is now 30 and the tumor has become realy small.They hope it's ll vanish completely.I don't know what to tell you though I hope this will happen to you too with all my heart!It's realy not fair.Did you do any therapy?I read that psychology is the best way to beat it happens with every illness!Try to make pleasant and optimistic thoughts and never NEVER give up! It's the key to make it ok?
Good luck! And let us know! I'll pray!!

arkennedy: Like katithepythonfan already said, I wish you luck as well. And if you already had your mri by the time I'm writing this I hope it went well.

katithepythonfan: I wish you best of luck for the MRi. They're not very nice experiences...
Hopefully the area hasn't grown. My mom was diagnosed with brain tumor in the beginning of the year and has been in treatments. Luckily her latest MRI showed that the meds have started to work... All blessings for you.

mrsCutout at 4:17 pm July 22

Realy??Oh my that's wonderful!!!!! I wish she'll be completely healed!