Gilliam criticizes Spielberg and Shindler's List

And he does it so eloquently.

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Paute: Very nice. Talking about Gilliam, I really would like see him like a the director of Harry Potter. JKRowling was looking for him but Warner doesn't wanted TG for the job.

mrsCutout at 5:34 pm July 26

ΥΕΑΗ I agreee!!!!! Bloody Warner! The other directors weren't good enough! I mean Gilly is Awesom! It's him!

mrsCutout: Wow! What a nice interview! It's amazing!Terry is right!
Anyway I agree with French Taunter some films should have a good ending and some not.Well personaly I am a fan of happy endings.But that's just for the moments.No matter how silly they are I just can't stand it when people die or aren't absolved...But I think the best way to end a movie is to use the old ancient greek technic of katharsis.It's not a happy end but every character gets what they deserve...

Lvndr HppE: Yeah, a happy ending is nice after a hard day at work or if you just had a bad day.

French Taunter: Very good piece of interview!:) Terry G is right about happy endings, but we need them for our own pleasure/dreams as we need sad or no ends of films to make us think about various possible ends that maybe life can bring :)
Like any Art each one can do it in his/her way, some art must be with a reply and others without!
Thanks for it :)