Moviemaker TERRY GILLIAM has laughed off reports his former MONTY PYTHON pal MICHAEL PALIN has died, suggesting the news was a shock to the comedian/adventurer himself.
The director blames idle Internet users for the "gossip-mongering nightmare", revealing news about the tragedy spread rapidly last week (ends30Oct09) - as Palin and the Pythons were celebrating their 40th anniversary.
Gilliam is trying to make light of the saga, telling WENN, "It's true, his pet alligator just ate him; it was horrible!
"They're all dead; all the Pythons died horribly except me.
"I don't know where that rumour came from that Mike died. The web is such a gossip mongering nightmare. It was actually a very embarrassing moment because Mike thought it was real."


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the_thina: I guess this all started when they did that interview without mike and john joked about it. that mike after that has appeared with the rest of them should be a clue to the fact that its a joke. but there are lots of stupid arseholes in this world.

mrsCutout: Ugh what morrons!!!!!!

Tanya_Birklid19: Seriously, how stupid can people be, spreading rumors like that. It make me mad! Like that one about Jeff Goldblum. That made me mad!

Lady April: Ugh!