Gilliam Quiz

I made another Python quiz. This time it's about Terry Gilliam.

Here is the link:

Feedback as always is welcome.

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Lvndr HppE: 68.29%

TheRealGilliamFan: 97.56% :D :D

TheSister91: You scored 39.02% of the possible points for this test

well, as you can see Gilliam isn't my fave Python!!! XD

mrsCutout: Wow it was nice! I scored 76,17 is that good?loved it!

TheSister91: can't open it... :( well I'll try again later...

TheMiracle: Great quiz! You scored 41.46% of the possible points for this test. I guess I must read more about Terry. ;)

Splunge4Me2: I'm curious...why did you choose Zimmerman, MN as a choice of birth place? Coincidentally, I grew up in Zimmerman, MN...

arkennedy at 3:07 pm November 09

I looked up "List of Minnesota cities" online and I liked the way it sounded.

Splunge4Me2 at 9:40 am November 10

Ah, if only I had grown up in the same town as Terry...

the_thina at 1:42 pm November 10

well, you grew up in the same countrey and the same state (is that the correct word?)
me, I havent even been in the countrey where a python has lived. if you dont count 50 minutes on an airport in some never-heard-of town in england..

arkennedy at 7:49 pm November 10

State is the correct word :)

the_thina: Good job, you still have more to learn about Terry Gilliam but you are off to a great start.

You scored 56.10% of the possible points for this test.

supose I got the names and dates wrong as usual. would you mind sharing the right answers with me?

arkennedy at 10:00 am November 09

I'd be happy to send you the answers :)

In fact I just sent you a PM with the answers.

the_thina at 11:08 am November 09

I got it thank you. :) and I got the birth-place right even if it was a wild shot in the dark. just knew he was born in america, but thats it

CamelSpotter: Another great quiz! I don't know Gilliam as well, though.

Very well done you may not be a Gilliam expert but you have proven you are a true fan.
You scored 70.73% of the possible points for this test.