gin and tonic (movie)

as you might have guessed from my post about 1 hour ago Im googeling graham tonight.
found this article about that movie that was supposed to be made about him, but never made it, not that I ever heard anyway.
remember it beeing talked about in here a few months ago, and how upset I got over it never getting made.
anyway, here is the article + link:

"Rhys Ifans wanted for film about life of Monty Python star"
published in Ananova on 29 May 2002
Wednesday, 29 May 2002
PHOTO: Rhys Ifans became an instant celebrity as the unkempt and uninhibited Spike in the 1999 romantic comedy "Notting Hill" (photo source: Rhys Ifans Online)

The producers of a new film about Graham Chapman hope to persuade Rhys Ifans to play him.

US film company HippoFilms is to make a biopic of the former Monty Python member, called Gin And Tonic.

It focuses on his life at Cambridge University and medical school as well as the Monty Python years.

The script for the film is being co-written by Jim Yoakum, who worked as Chapman's writing partner.

Yoakum told Ananova the producers already have in mind who they want for the lead part.

"We especially think Rhys Ifans is quite interesting as Graham," he said.

"We're going to hold an open casting call in London for many parts, including the young Pythons, David Frost, Marty Feldman, Peter Cook, Keith Moon.

"We hope John Cleese will reprise his speech given at Graham's memorial. We've not officially asked him yet, but have broached the idea with him.

"Someone else will play the young John of course. That's the plan anyway. Most of the info in the film comes directly from Graham's personal papers and includes a lot of previously unknown info on him. It'll be a real treat for Python fans!"

Work on Gin And Tonic is due to begin in London in November.

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Tanya_Birklid19: Yes, i remember seeing that somewhere. It would be cool if they did it, but yes it's kinda a pity that they never made it.

King Brian the Wild: It's really a pitty they never did the movie, he would be a good actor for Graham's role. Anyway, it wouldn't be the same watching other people acting as the Pythons (the ones who are still alive), it would be very strange to me. They could have made a documentary about Graham, with Rhys Ifans as Graham, but not a movie with actors imitating the young Pythons, I wouldn't like that. Anyhow, a shame they never did something like that in order to honour Graham.

sit-on-my-face: Oh. I'm really getting upset, it would have been great and that actor is perfect (if anyone can be, Graham is one of a kind). It's very important for the memory of his great mind and personnality, it should be getting done.

thewastelandr: He does look a lot like Graham!

the_thina at 2:12 pm May 15

yeah he does. its a shame it never got made