Golden Opportunity to Reference Python!

I've never seen such a beautiful opportunity to reference Holy Grail! Here, I have to set it up. So, I was in my Pyschology class being taught the different types of research that adverstising companies will use. One of the types was called correlative research. In correlative research, people find connections and relations between things when there really are none. So, Holy Grail came to mind and I used it in class. Matt, our instructor said, "Someone give me an example". I stood up. "Okay," I said, "What do you do to witches?"
Someone said, "Hang them". I said, "Not the one I'm looking for." Then, someone else shouted out, "Burn them at the stake." "Yes!" I said, "What else do we burn apart from witches?" And on and on and on. You know how it goes. What's best is, my professor thought that I cam up with it all on my own! Thanks Python!

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l_wojcik: I don't know how I haven't mentioned this before! At my old high school, we celebrated this thing called Pi- Day on March 14th. (Get it? 3.14...) Anyway, we were given this day to wear a homemade shirt representing Pi in our own creative ways. So, I did a Monty PI-thon. It was awesome! The front had Cleese's outline of the ministry of silly walks, and the top said "And Now for Something Completely Different". One arm has a gumby, the other has a lumberjack. The back Is set up somewhat like a jersey. The name on the back is Bruce. There's a dead parrot below it with words circling it saying "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life". Then lining the bottom of the back of the shirt are military men with pink tutu's over their uniforms (to honour the military fairies). Needless to say, I won the contest that year. :-)

Miioo at 2:34 pm February 01

Goes to show that Python is always a winning concept.

l_wojcik at 3:12 pm February 01

Right?! Haha... And I forgot to mention the giant albatross on the front of it, too! :-)

Lvndr HppE at 2:19 pm January 31

That is a cool story.

Lvndr HppE: I made a Python refernce to my best-friend in a museum once. We were looking at this large painting which was supposed to feature King Louis the 18th. It reminded me of The Golden Age of Ballooning episode.

The Ex-Leper: hahahahahaha this is incredible

Lvndr HppE: lol. I read an essay in this book called "Monty Python and Philosophy" where they discussed this very argument.

l_wojcik at 1:11 pm January 26

Wow! I want that book!

Colonel Daughter: the other day my teacher asked us if we knew at least two important knights of the round table. I've answered Launcelot and Galahad the Pure. Correct. According to the legend only galahad, being pure, could contemplate the Grail. But at that point I was laughing too much to listen... (because of castle anthrax)

l_wojcik at 1:33 pm January 26

I love it! It's kind of scary how often all of their work can be referenced in everyday life. They must know something we don't. Haha...

Here Comes Another One at 9:37 pm January 26

I find there's a Python quote for every occasion. Have you seen the "Things that make us think of Python" thread?

l_wojcik at 4:48 pm January 27

I've seen and commented on that thread. I'm making one a bit similar to it but, not the same exactly...