Graham Chapman Crossword Puzzle

I've decided to make crossword puzzles about each of the Pythons. This time the puzzle is about Graham.

All clues are one word unless otherwise indicated and there is no punctuation in this puzzle.

You probably noticed there are squares of various colors through out the puzzle and some lines under the puzzle. The reason for this is that I've added a bonus to this crossword puzzle.

Once you've solved the puzzle you'll have another puzzle to solve. Each color represents a different word, unscramble each of the words then put the words in the right order to get a quote Graham said in either Flying Circus or one of the films.

This might be a challenging puzzle so feel free to look up the answers if you need to or you could send me a private message if you need another hint for any of the clues.

Enjoy :)

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TheSister91: wow that's what I need in this sorely boring summer :D thanks arky!!!

arkennedy at 1:48 pm August 11

You're welcome :) and thanks

the_thina: that looks like fun, to bad I havent got a printer. :/

arkennedy at 1:10 pm August 10

Thanks :)

Hopefully at some point you'll be able to get a printer. I didn't have one for awhile and I know that it can be an inconvenience at times. One thing I did when I didn't have a printer if there was a word puzzle or a maze or something along those lines online that I wanted to work on but had to be printed out was to save the image and use an image editor to work on the puzzle.

the_thina at 11:46 pm August 10

yeah, I thought of that, but concidering how slow and horrible my pc is it would drive me insain. :(

arkennedy at 8:59 am August 11

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that :( I used to have that same problem with my old computer, I agree it does get annoying.

Does you're library let people print things out from the internet? That's the only other possibility I can think of.