The Graham Chapman Game, part 1

Mr. Palin is currently 67. Yes, sixty-seven. Mr. Idle is also 67. And Mr. Jones is 68, while Mr. Gilliam is 69. Mr. Cleese is almost 71, and Mr. Chapman remains dead.

It is a long nine years to wait until the Pythons' next opportunity to milk the market with a newly released VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/3D, holographic smell-o-vision compilation of sketches everyone already knows off by heart, and I got to wondering...

How many of them will make it to the 50th Anniversary?

The rules of this prediction game are quite simple. You nominate which Pythons will be dead by 5 October 2019, and which will be living. Scores are as follows:

10 points for each successfully dead Python.
20 points for each extant Python.
30 points for each Python who has been reported as dead but is, in fact, still alive to see the 50th Anniversary.
50 point bonus for a full house (either all dead or all still lingering).

By my calculations, everyone who enters should get at least 10 points.

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A. Lupin: Mr. Chapman: out of the 6 pythons, he's beating Ron Obvious's record of remaining in the ground (or, scattered across Wales as the case may be)
Mr. Cleese: puzzling over the circumstances- how in the world am I going to fit into this short little urn?
Mr. Gilliam: alive
Mr. Idle: turned into a half bee, but alive
Mr. Jones: alive and well
Mr. Palin: living with me

LaiSan: Since Gray has ceased to be, does that mean I get 10 starter points?
Mr Cleese is next to pop his clogs.
Mr Palin, Mr Idle, Mr, Gilliam and Jones will live to see the 50th Anniversary.

genji at 1:53 pm September 22

So that's:

Mr. Chapman: still dead
Mr. Cleese: joining his erstwhile writing partner in the being dead sketch
Mr. Gilliam: alive
Mr. Idle: alive
Mr. Jones: alive
Mr. Palin: alive

Holly: Well, I'm quite I'm going to say that they'll all still alive and maybe not too well. With Graham singing from the choir invisible and watching over them all.
If one should pass and have themselves cryogenically frozen, if they are successfully thawed and brought back do you get any points?

genji at 10:13 pm September 21

Yes - 30 points per reanimated Python.

Lvndr HppE: I'm gonna say that John will be there, despite the rumor that I'll send around of him being dead.

genji at 9:28 am September 21

So are you just going for 30 pts for Mr. Cleese having being reported dead but in fact being still alive or are you predicting that only he will be there?

Lvndr HppE at 5:56 pm September 21

The first thing you said.

Colonel Daughter: how many points if gray rises from the dead? XD

genji at 12:14 pm September 20

It's slightly complicated, Col. Dght.

If Mr. Chapman should become reincarnatiated then naturally that would contribute to one of the 50 point bonuses - all living (including Mr. Chapman) or all dead.

However, I do feel that you raise a valid point in that if Mr. Chapman should arise from the grave then that should contribute to the 20 points for extant Pythons, plus the 30 points for Pythons reported as dead but in fact revived, AND the 50 point bonus for an full house.

I hope that has cleared matters up. IMHO Mr. Chapman is a veritable wildcard whom can be uséd to complicate and skew the scores as the player sees fit.

clockworkgirl21: Graham Chapman sat next to me on a bus once. But I really didn't notice him. I was too busy being creeped out because Buddy Holly and Patrick Swayze were in front of me. Another dead person couldn't add to the horror.

genji at 1:26 pm September 20

That was some kind of dream, right?

If so, what the hell where you doing dreaming of Patrick Swayze?

Tanya_Birklid19 at 8:46 pm September 19

I couldn't help but notice your avatar is from 'Wicked' I presume? I want to see that musical!

clockworkgirl21 at 5:39 pm September 20

No, wasn't a dream. More like a morbid daydream inspired by the talk of dead celebrities coming back to life.
And yes, my avatar is from Wicked! I love Wicked. I saw it on Broadway.

the_thina at 5:46 am September 21

haha. but I got to admit, I didnt like patrick at all. he creeped me out. only good thing he has done is donnie darko, and in that movie it is perfectly fine to hate him, what a creep

TheRealGilliamFan: Well this is sort of depressing to contemplate. And so, my prediction can be none other than the following:

Mr. Cleese: alive and well
Mr. Gilliam: alive and well
Mr. Idle: alive and well
Mr. Jones: alive and well
Mr. Palin: alive and well
Mr. Chapman: with them as always in spirit

genji at 11:05 pm September 19

I know what you mean. We are very lucky not just that five of them are still around, but that they're still lucid and capable of working (I'm going to see Mr. Cleese's Alimony Tour in May, assuming he's still with us). Still, they are getting a bit long in the tooth now. On the 50th Anniversary Mr. Palin and Mr. Idle will be 76, Mr. Jones will be 77, Mr. Gilliam 78 and Mr. Cleese a whopping 80 years old, should they all make it. That's a good innings by any account.

mrsCutout: Ok! I think Grey will still be dead till one minute before midnight at October the 4th and then just before the big reunion he's gonna jumb in and say"Stop that it's silly wait for me".Mike will be there on time healthy as a....uhm ...rabbit?Jones will make it as well(unless a 16 ton weight fells on top of him),Gilliam is NOT going to be dead and John and Eric will be very late and considered dead but they will show up after all...Huh?

genji at 10:25 pm September 19

That's a brave prediction. Good tactics with the presumed passing on of Mr. Idle and Mr. Cleese to take advantage of the extra points.

Mr. Chapman: alive
Mr. Cleese: reported dead but in fact alive
Mr. Gilliam: alive
Mr. Idle: reported dead but in fact alive
Mr. Jones: alive, barring unfortunate accidents
Mr. Palin: alive

the_thina: gray will do a pheonix on us all and rise from the ashes.
and non of the other is alowed to die before I do, so if I dont drop dead in the next 9 years they wont either

genji at 1:15 pm September 19

I'm not sure how to register that one since it depends on your own demise. Assuming you can last another nine years, I believe your prediction is as follows.

Mr. Chapman: alive
Mr. Cleese: alive
Mr. Gilliam: alive
Mr. Idle: alive
Mr. Jones: alive
Mr. Palin: alive

I can see you're playing strategically, aiming for that fecund bonus, but I am a little dubious about your prediction re Mr. Chapman. He may well have pulled an Elvis/Michael Jackson and be living in anonymity in Saudi Arabia or somesuch place, the burden of immense fame having become an aggravation to him, but I'm somewhat sceptical.

Tanya_Birklid19: I predict . . . Mike will be around. He seems pretty healthy. Jonesy might get kidnapped by a gang of deranged llamas, so I wouldn't know. Gilliam might be around, but might die at the last minute just before midnight on the eve of October 4th. Eric's gonna drop dead in the next few years. John . . . pretty sure John might make it. Then die the next day.

genji at 12:59 pm September 19

Fair enough. What about Mr. Chapman?

If I read your meaning correctly then, as of 5 October 2019 it's:

Mr. Chapman: ?
Mr. Cleese: alive
Mr. Gilliam: dead
Mr. Idle: dead
Mr. Jones: alive
Mr. Palin: alive