The Graham Chapman Game, part 2

Very simple.

Name one or more of the TV shows, films, interviews, records, books or songs you will be watching, reading or listening to for each currently living Python on the night he dies. What will your personal memorial consist of?

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Hmmm. Well there's no telling how long anyone will live. I mean anyone could go at any moment, right?

That said,

For each, I would totally watch the 40th reunion at IFC as well as Live at Aspen, Hollywood Bowl and The Meaning of Life. I would watch each of them in my favorite individual sketches too (which I think I summarized in another thread - "Top 5 moments, alphabetically").

For Gilly, it would be a marathon of all his films. I would also watch the interviews where he laughs a lot. And I think I would spend some time looking at photos because I love the way he dances his way through life and that's been captured so well in so many photos :D

Enough with the death games! It's depressing :'(

genji at 10:36 pm October 25

I know. I posted this one after watching the Peter Cook Heroes of Comedy documentary, which I thought was immensely sad, and during a typically giggly interview with Mr. Gilliam.

There were some interesting comments by Mr. Cleese in thina's Skalvian interview when he said he's looking into stem cell technology to prolong his existence, so they are not dead yet.

That IFC reunion is one thing I haven't seen. There are snippets on Youtube but I think the whole 33 minute version is only available in the US.

Not that late at 2:22 am October 26

What does IFC mean?

genji at 2:42 am October 26

It's a US TV channel (I think). They commissioned the Almost The Truth documentary and streamed the live Q&A with the Pythons for the 40th anniversary. The Q&A is still available to US residents on, but blocked to the rest of.

Not that late at 3:02 am October 26

Thank you, it's sad we can't see it!

killerrabit444: the news figuring out how he died then i'll watch all the movies and flying circus's and thinking boy this guy was funny shame he died

Here Comes Another One: I'll be watching whatever collection of clips the news bulletin clubs together to report on each man's death, and getting cross with the media for missing the bloody point as usual. I'm not the sort of fan who grieves for famous people when they die, apart from 'what a shame, the world is bereft of one more person whom no one will ever be able to replace.' I know this from experience. I expected to be upset when George Harrison died because I was such a big fan, and I wasn't. So a personal memorial wouldn't be my thing. If any of the other Pythons were interviewed and were emotional, I might feel empathetically upset, but that would be all. And I wouldn't be morbid enough to watch/read/listen to anything at that moment. A few months later I might see my favourite thing of whoever it was, and maybe get a bit teary.

Lvndr HppE at 2:52 pm October 25

I cried when George Harrison died. I was so sad, but when I went to Strawberry Fields, I felt such love from all the other people who also grieved for him. We started singing some of his old music and it became more of a celebration of his life. I left there that day smiling.

the_thina at 7:23 pm October 25

oh I cried so much when george dies too. and some day I wil visit strawberry fields. on johns birthday. just have to get money so I can go to USA in the first place. but I would be so confused and get lost or something.... so, would you go with me? :)

Lvndr HppE at 9:12 pm October 25

Absolutely! I've been there loads of times, so I can take you there, we can walk past the Dakota, get some pizza afterwards. I know this great place on the west side.

the_thina at 9:19 pm October 25

its a plan then! :) I have never felt I really want to go to america at any point in my life, exept for that one thing, strawberry fields.... UK on the other hand Ive always wanted to see, isent there a bunch of statues of john in liverpool?

genji at 10:14 pm October 25

I don't think there's a bunch. There one on Mathew Street by the Cavern, one high up on a building (which is a Beatles themed hotel) and one in the airport, which is miles away. There's a statue of Eleanor Rigby opposite the Casa Italia (best restaurant in Liverpool). I can't think of any more. There may be some by the Beatles Story/shop thing on the Albert Dock.

the_thina at 11:08 pm October 25

ah ok. I have seen pictures of beatles/lennon-statues, and only made sense that they would be in liverpool, or at least UK

the_thina at 7:23 pm October 25

I ment "died" not "dies"

Here Comes Another One at 6:10 pm October 25

That's really nice, I bet you're glad you did that; now you'll always have that memory.

Lvndr HppE: You're like, so morbid. But okay,
For John: Fish Called Wanda and Fierce Creatures
For Michael: The above included and possibly a few episodes of Do Not Adjust Your Set
For Eric: The Rutles
For Terry G: Brazil and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus
For Terry J: The Spam Sketch and Terry Jones' Personal Best

the_thina: interesting one! I will be so much in shock and sorrow I will probobly not be able to for quite a while tho... and it deserves some thinking, I can give you the answer for one now and get back to you for the others, ok?

his part as patsy always blows me away, so I will watch holy grail and also the movie that made me a serious fan of his work as a director: fear and loathing.