Graham Chapman on Merv Griffin Show

I just found this video. I haven't seen it here before so I hope it's not already here. Anyway enjoy it :)

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housepet1: Ha ha hahahahha! Using the mouth as an ashtray... Merv and Zha Zha may not have been familiar with Monty Python at all... Gra is funny in a serious kind of way

Kasmira at 2:25 pm January 06

Love Gray's facial expressions! He is such a cutie on this video.

the_thina: I accyually posted it in here a few months ago, but I dont mind. :)

arkennedy at 1:46 pm November 07

I'm sorry I missed it then, but I'm glad you don't mind that I posted it again :)

the_thina at 7:35 am November 08

thats ok. :) its good its here so the ones that have missed it get a new chanse. :)

mrsCutout: I haven't seen it anywere! Thanks for sharing sooo much!!!!

mrsCutout at 5:52 am November 07

Haha hillarious!!Go eric!!!! I expected nothing less from a Python(and all the Pythons) than supporting their friend and making fun of those stupid "complexic" people!