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I noticed that Lady April has made a page dedicated to Michael Palin and I though why stop there? So since I absolutely adore this man, here is a page dedicated to Graham Chapman so if you have any pictures of him feel free to post them on here! :)

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Colonel Daughter: yeeee-- finally 'calcium made interesting' has arrived! --

The Ex-Leper: Happy Birthday Dearest Graham!!!!!


here comes a few from almost the truth

the_thina at 6:53 pm November 25

handsome young bloke

The Ex-Leper at 2:44 pm November 26

Is that fur on his suit? Fancy!

the_thina at 3:22 pm November 26

I dont know. but since Im an animal rights-person I hope its fake fur

mrsCutout at 2:52 pm November 26

So cute :D

the_thina at 3:23 pm November 26

yeah. the picture looks like one of them old movie-stars-cards that was popular in the 30s/40s

the_thina at 6:53 pm November 25


the_thina at 6:54 pm November 25

with tim and john

The Ex-Leper at 2:44 pm November 26

who are the children with half faces?

the_thina at 3:21 pm November 26

no idea.


ah, Graham. such an intelligent and sweet human being. :)

this pic (if I worked out how to post it right) is one of my faves of misters Chapman and Cleese. not least cause they're holding kitty-cats. ;)

The Ex-Leper at 1:23 pm November 27

I love their super casual expressions as if they aren't even aware they are holding cats

The Ex-Leper:


The Ex-Leper:

he looks like a Vercotti brother (or however you spell their name)

jeremytoogood at 11:01 am November 22

"The great thing about Ken is, he's almost totally stupid" Love that line!


haha look at the guy behind him! XD


one of the best movie-pirates ever! jack sparrow is so politicly correct never even says "fuck" whist yellowbeard says his gonna nail a womans titts to the table.


took me ages to realize this was gray. he looks like jeff goldblum

Alainainthesky at 10:28 am July 09

I didn't realize it was him, but now I can't totally see it!
This is my least favorite part from the movie, but I like it a lot better now that I realize it's Graham!

mrsCutout at 5:35 am November 25

It took me a while to realize it too!But this part is one of my favorites in the film!

Lady April at 1:11 pm November 22

Eeesh, "Christmas in Heaven" was my least favourite part of MoL, Very hard to swallow!

the_thina at 1:13 pm November 22

it was mine as well before, but it has grown on me

The Ex-Leper at 7:08 pm November 21

NO WAY!!! Is that really him?? It looks nothing like him! WOW : O

the_thina at 7:11 pm November 21

yes it is him! you can tell by the... ooooh... whats the word... those smiling-bumps in his cheeks + the eyes + how tall he is

the_thina at 7:18 pm November 21

dimples was the word I was looking for


another quite young graham

The Ex-Leper:

such a contrasting face from the axe picture serious

The Ex-Leper:

what a face!!!!! X D


yay brian!

The Ex-Leper at 6:40 pm November 21

"some things in life are bad. they can really make you mad. other things just make you swear and curse." (you guys know the rest!) : D

the_thina at 6:45 pm November 21

yes we sure do. :)

The Ex-Leper:

: )

the_thina at 6:17 pm November 21

haha. BURMA! grays best old lady ever

The Ex-Leper:

another great pic <3

mrsCutout at 1:49 pm November 21

Hmm what sketch is that Johan his hair are too long still it reminds me something!

the_thina at 2:16 pm November 21

I think of anne elk when I see this pic, think its from there. or maybe when he goes "strangeing animals, golf and masturbation" cant remember what its called though

mrsCutout at 2:19 pm November 21

That is the Proust competition but i think this is whre the pic is from! i love the Anne Elk it was soooo silly and hillarious!!!

the_thina at 2:23 pm November 21

it was from anne elk. :) looked up the clip and identified the frame. :)
its so great!
gray: what is it?
john: where? (looks around) XD
and I love how gray get the giggels when john is clearing his throad and have to hide his face. haha

the_thina at 2:17 pm November 21

yep its anne elk. same chlotes and same background:

the_thina at 1:48 pm November 21

he was so cute in that haircut! and HUGE sideburns. :D

mrsCutout at 2:20 pm November 21



1948 show again


autograph! but fucking waterstamp on his face

mrsCutout at 12:55 pm November 21

Awesom pic!

the_thina at 1:00 pm November 21

yeah. look at the jacket! *giggels* aaaw, that sweet man. :)

mrsCutout at 1:19 pm November 21

Haha yeah I noticed the jacket!! ;)

the_thina at 1:23 pm November 21

for being a gay man he wore some very questionable cothes sometimes. XD but he manages to make even an ugly ass jacket like that look good. :P