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I noticed that Lady April has made a page dedicated to Michael Palin and I though why stop there? So since I absolutely adore this man, here is a page dedicated to Graham Chapman so if you have any pictures of him feel free to post them on here! :)

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mrsCutout at 1:50 pm November 21

hey he was just trying to be in fashion! XD

the_thina at 1:38 am November 22

haha. but suede? I hate suede-jackets. urgh!


I supose this one already exist but it's one of my favs!!

Lady April: I am glad to see that Thina had posted some of the pics I have in my Graham Blog have made it here! Not quite all of them though and they were not posted anywhere else on Pythonline so you should go and see the others as well. Should be on page 2 of my Media!

the_thina at 7:30 pm November 20

that must have been before my time you made that one, dont remember it, but Im sure gonna take a look. thanks! :)

Lady April at 7:52 pm November 20

I just know cause of the lame quality of the photos. I used my camera on the books before I got got with it and got a scanner. I am soooooo behind!!!!!!

the_thina at 7:54 pm November 20

haha ok. well, then I must have seen it and saved them down. I must have gotten them from somwhere, but what picture I found where on the web my memory is far to bad to make a note of. :P

Lady April at 7:57 pm November 20

dam thing is a bitch to log onto page 2.....
there is the page
other goo stuff in there of Graham, David and John if you want to transfer them....

the_thina at 8:05 pm November 20

thank you dear, I took a look. the b/w pic of a grown man and to small boys is that gray and his brother + father? and if so, witch of them is gray?

Lady April at 10:15 pm November 20

DAM! I hate how when they changed the site over all of the photos in every blog and thread came on the first page, they've lost all their respective explanations.
I still know who is who though, with the Python ones more or less obvious I will point out the rest.....
#1 Young John and Graham sitting on the set oh Holy Grail
#2 Graham and David
#3 Python meeting with young John sitting next to Graham
#4 David and Graham
#5 Police officer walter Chapman and his two sons John to the right and young Graham on the left
#6 On holiday with brother John, Dad Walter, Mother Edith and Graham
#7 David Sherlock shortly after he'd met Graham in Ibiza
#8 Graham in speedos - oh dear me!
#9 John Tomiczek grown up quite a bit
#10 John Graham and David

I do have more pics somewhere, I'll try to find them in my mess of hard drive Python files - UGH!!!! LMAO

the_thina at 10:29 pm November 20

oh, so in other words, gray was the youngest of the brothers, the little blonde one? just as I thought, but it was only that his brother had too dark hair that made me think so, they look very alike. and their father show more recemblence to gray than just the pipe as well.
thank you for the information. :)

The Ex-Leper:

And of course the Colonel of whom everyone likes a good laugh more than

The Ex-Leper:

And finally, Oliver Singen Mollusk, another old Italian. His father was a cabinet minister and his mother won the derby and he's thought by many to be this year's most outstanding twit!

The Ex-Leper at 5:07 pm November 20

another priceless Graham Chapman face : D

jeremytoogood at 11:10 am November 22

This is a good example of weird British pronounciation-"St. John" as a name is pronounced "sin jin" this used to confuse me when I lived in the UK.

CamelSpotter at 7:46 pm November 22

Ah, thank you! Like in "Quartermaine's Terms", right? I've never actually read the play - just heard Michael Palin in it from the BBC Saturday Play, and I've been thinking the wrong name all along.

iamcomathegrim at 1:33 am November 22

lol twit! ^.^

The Ex-Leper at 5:04 pm November 20

And Oliver has run himself over!


concidering the sadness of the one I just posted I will give a more cheerful one. I love how SERIOUS he is looking in this skit! XD

The Ex-Leper at 4:50 pm November 20

I know! I love how he doesn't move at all except to blink a couple of times and michael is all dancey and smiley and it just makes it even funnier!

the_thina at 4:55 pm November 20

haha yeah! and the fact that they are suposed to be brothers but dont look even remotly alike. XD


the last time gray was on telly. :( but he wanted to do it, even if he was to ill to even stand up, and I do love him for that

The Ex-Leper at 4:49 pm November 20

yes I definately give him props for never giving up on life like in the last interview he ever had he was talking about how he was gaining strength in his legs and how he would be walking again in no time...that video made me cry so much but I still adore him for his optimism

the_thina at 4:54 pm November 20

yeah, but you know his brother have a theory it was just a act he put on to not hurt the feelings of those who loved him. he knew he was going to die, but could not stand seeing his loved ones (and fans) sad it sounds very possible in my ears. after all he was a doctor, and very intelligent as well.

The Ex-Leper at 5:05 pm November 20

yes you're probably right but it still breaks my heart to think of what he was going through

the_thina at 5:13 pm November 20

I just replied to this but where did my reply go?
well what I said was that canser and aids are the two most evil things around.
but I dont think he gave up inside and just waited. he was after all a big fighter, he beat the alcohol as well as the homofobes. I think he knew that he probobly would loose this fight, but that he kept fighting it all the same

The Ex-Leper at 5:16 pm November 20

yes and this is why adore him so much : )

the_thina at 5:22 pm November 20

yeah same here. he was so brave! I mean, as a famous man to tell the world in the 70s that he was gay! he was THE FIRST celeb to do so, that alone makes him a hero in my book

The Ex-Leper at 5:31 pm November 20

yes I agree I read something somewhere I can't remember where but some lady sent the pythons an angry letter because she found out one of them was gay and she basically condemned him to hell and so Eric sent a reply letter back to her saying that when they discovered who it was they took him out back and shot him dead and I laughed so you know his fellow pythons really supported his decision and I adore that as well

the_thina at 5:38 pm November 20

yes I know. :D he is talking about it here if my memory serves me right:
or it might have been it this one:
and that the other boys was so cool about it just proves how decent pepole they are. :)
john or if it was mike said that non of them minded, they was just very suprised because he was very butch. in fact he was engaged to a woman when he was 24, but broke it off with her, then met david and the rest is history. :)

The Ex-Leper at 5:42 pm November 20

aww they are very wonderful gents indeed <3

the_thina at 5:47 pm November 20

yes they are. :) I also love how they are always talking crap about eatch other, but dont mean a word of it. pepole that dont know much about them might actually think that they hate eatch other, I find that very amusing.

The Ex-Leper at 5:52 pm November 20

yes a perfect example would be at Graham's memorial service that was hilarious!

the_thina at 5:57 pm November 20

yeah. and gilliam on eric in the coment-track of m├╝nchausen. "I gave him this job because I though he might be funny, but he is not. and now the bastard is the richest python!" XD

The Ex-Leper at 5:59 pm November 20

yes and on the commentary for Brian during the Ex-Leper scene Jonh Cleese talks about how Michael did a terrible job on acting that part

the_thina at 6:04 pm November 20

haha. there is no coment-track on my copy, but I have orderd a double of it with lots of bonus materials including two coment-tacks. so now its just a matter of waiting for it to arrive

The Ex-Leper at 6:10 pm November 20

yes that's the copy my friend has that I borrowed and kept for like two months it's the Immaculate Edition it's pretty great there's a whole hour long documentary about the making of the movie and the controversy it created it's pretty good

the_thina at 6:14 pm November 20 thats the one I orderd. and I am sooooo looking forward to it. :D

The Ex-Leper at 6:17 pm November 20

yes it is wonderful you must tell me when you get it : )

the_thina at 6:19 pm November 20

I got an e-mail that they had sent it yesterday, so it can take between 1 and 2 weeks. but damn it I want it now

The Ex-Leper at 6:22 pm November 20

I understand have you seen the stuff on the special edition of the Holy Grail? There is definetely an educational video that teaches you how to make coconut halves to make horse noises with

the_thina at 6:26 pm November 20

oh yes. :) my copies of hoy grail and meaning of life is duoble-dvds with loads of bonus-maetrials. :) but sadly nothing extra on my flying circus-box nor my copy of and now for something completely different.

The Ex-Leper:

My name is spelled "Raymond Luxury Yacht" but it's pronounced "Throat Wobbler Mangrove"

the_thina at 4:29 pm November 20

"Throat Wobbler Mangrove" is an awsome phrase. it dosent mean anything I can make sense of (but then again english is my second language) , but it just sounds so wonderully silly. :D

The Ex-Leper at 4:39 pm November 20

it is just silly...makes no sense at all! : D

the_thina at 4:42 pm November 20

oh good. I have a bit of obsession with words and languages (my aspergers who makes me be that way) and has always thought my engish is pretty good, but if that woud have made any sense what so ever I would be ashamed for not understanding it

The Ex-Leper:

easily one of the cutest men ever <3

The Ex-Leper at 3:27 pm November 20

i love this sketch : )

the_thina at 3:25 pm November 20

oh I love the sid vicious/billy idol-thing he is doing with his mouth here! :D
just pitty its so dark


I had started a blog entry for Graham several months ago but it's one of the threads that got buried. It's great to see another thread dedicated to Graham :)

I like the pics posted so far by the way.