Guess which sketch!

Okay, so my friends and I came up with this one. Write one word (maybe two or three) from a Python sketch. It can't be something as vague as it, the, is, a- you get the idea. But, it can't be as specific as dinsdale, albatross- and so on and so forth. Then, other comment and say which sketcch they think it's from. You'd be amazed at how many different sketches they'll come up with. If you guess correctly, you get to give your own word (or two or three).
I'll start:
"There is..."

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arkennedy: It's not my turn yet but I've missed this thread and decided to bring to back to the top.

arkennedy: That's the one :) Your turn Lyndr HppE

Lvndr HppE: Oh! Cheese shop sketch! :-D "You do have cheese here, don't you?"

Tanya_Birklid19: Is it that one sketch where Michael hears folk music? Or the one with problem with words?

arkennedy at 8:36 pm April 30

Good guesses but not it.

arkennedy: No, it's not that one. Good guess though. Here's a hint it's a sketch that John and Michael are in.

Lvndr HppE: Shot in the dark: Is it from that sketch where Eric wants to leave the army?

arkennedy: I'm bringing this thread back to the top. Let me know if a third word is needed.

arkennedy: Okay time for the next one.

The two words are: "You do..."

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Pretty much haha

arkennedy: So I'm guessing the answer is Bomb on plane from episode 35.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Ach, didn't realise ... gosh, I feel so ashamed now, erm ...

"There's a bomb on board this plane and I'll tell you where it is for a thousand pounds."

Lvndr HppE: One thing we're learning about this, there are a lot of sketches with the words "Is this" in them.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Aaaaah! Noooooo, I iz very sorry!

Here Comes Another One: *Claps hand to forehead and marvels at own stupidity* Hang on, is it "Is there"? That documentary where JC is interviewing the dead people?

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Ach, no sirree, bob. Right another clue, after that you have to get it lol: "I won't ruin the sketch for a pound."

Here Comes Another One: The Cycling Tour? "Is this the casualty department?"

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Good thinking but nope XD

arkennedy: Schoolboys' Life Assurance Company from Episode Twenty-eight?

"Is this true, Stebbins? Are you a gynaecologist?"

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: l_wojcik: Good, but incorrect

arkennedy: It isn't my turn to guess yet but I wanted to bring this thread back to the top.

l_wojcik: Could this be when Graham asks: "Is this Lake Pahoe?"

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: It's good ...

But it's not the one. Sowwy, arky xP
Erm, clue ... it's from Series 3 if that helps.

arkennedy: It's a long shot but here's my guess: Is it from the Eric the Half a Bee song?

Here's the chorus my guess comes from:

Is this wretched demi-bee,
Half-asleep upon my knee,
Some freak from a menagerie?
No! It's Eric the half a bee!

Tanya_Birklid19: "Is this . . ." *pause* "Is this . . ." *another pause* care to give us another word? I'm drawing a complete blank.

l_wojcik: Guys? Can you please not comment and simply put a post on here? It's kind of a pain having to go down the page... Thanks! :-)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Oh yeah I was supposed to put one, wasn't I? Okay:

"Is this ..."

Lvndr HppE at 7:35 pm April 15

Is this. . . Is this. . . Oh, I've got it. "Is this the right room for an argument?"

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 3:34 am April 16

And our survey says ... EH-EHHHHHHH.
Sorry, tis incorrect :P

Lvndr HppE at 9:47 pm April 16

Shucks. I knew that was too easy.

Here Comes Another One at 11:41 pm April 16

Is it "Is this Bolton?"

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 12:01 am April 17

It's good, but it's not the one :P

Lvndr HppE: Just making a comment to bring this back into view.

J.Gambolputty: Another word: "I don't know who. . "

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 9:45 am February 16

Oh, is it that restaurant sketch from Series 1, ep 13?

"I don't know who keeps bringing them in here."

J.Gambolputty at 11:07 am February 16

*dingdingding* We have a winner!

Tanya_Birklid19: Oh oh oh!! Is it from that sketch with the guy hearing folk songs in his head. And it's the psychiartist's secretary who says it? *hopeful stare*

J.Gambolputty at 8:47 am February 16

Sorry, no. .

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 9:08 am February 16

Series 2, ep 7, Killer Sheep sketch? "I don't know. I just don't know. I really just don't know ..."


J.Gambolputty at 9:25 am February 16

Still no..

J.Gambolputty: Another word: "I don't know. . "

J.Gambolputty: Righto. The next one: "I don't. . "

arkennedy at 4:50 pm February 15

Could it be: "I Don't Like Spam!!!" from the spam sketch in episode 25?

J.Gambolputty at 4:58 am February 16


l_wojcik at 10:20 am February 14

"I don't give a damn about your sales. We have to protect the general public." Crunchy Frog?

J.Gambolputty at 10:30 am February 14

Sorry, no.

Tanya_Birklid19 at 7:02 pm February 15

'I don't care how runny it' is from the cheese shop skecth?

J.Gambolputty at 4:58 am February 16


J.Gambolputty: Is it from the Whizzo -sketch?

Tanya_Birklid19 at 3:16 pm February 13

I'll give it to ya. It's "Yes, you know it's true that nine of out ten housewives can't tell the difference between Whizzo butter and a dead crab." Or something like that.