Happy 69th Birthday Terry!

If you dont know all ready is Jonseys 69th Bday:)
Happy Bday Terry! Have a Great Day!

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Elvis Python: Happy to shared my birthday with Terry!

Lady Bedevere: Happee Birthdae, Jonesy!!! Love you! Spread the Spam!

Miioo: Happy B-day Terry :)

scottp: Happy BD brother Terry.. what a life!!

scottp at 12:20 pm February 01

oh yeah!! and manny more!!!

Hanri at 12:48 pm February 01

Sedät jaksaa heilua, Finns would say for the situation...... Terry still has the parenthood going and all, tip of the hat for that!

scottp at 2:37 pm February 01

ha ha ha

kisch: Happy birthday!!!:)

J.Gambolputty: Happy Birthday Terry!

a_nervous_wreck: Happy birthday you big Welsh cutie!

Lvndr HppE: Happy Birthday, Terry! Wherever you are, I hope you're well!

arkennedy: Happy Birthday Terry :)

Colonel Daughter: happy birthday!!! good luck with your future projects!

champagneeyes: Happy Birthday, Terry! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Hanri: Happy Birthday, dear Terry! Pen-blwydd hapus!