Happy Birthday Dr. Graham Chapman!!!

Can I get a "cheers" for Graham! Happy Birthday!..:) (Gosh, how I love this picture, that's him isn't it?)

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a_nervous_wreck: Happy birthday Dr. Chapman!

arkennedy: Happy Birthday Graham

PhilosopherBruce-Mrs: Happy Birthday, Gray!...
...What is he doing with this pickaxe??

GloriaTheWarrior at 12:03 pm January 08

I bet he's pickaxeing?

Hanri at 2:17 pm January 08

It's obvious he's digging a hole.

Diggy diggy hole, digging a hole.......

Pantomime horse: ♫ Yes he was a lumberjack okay,
Going to the lavatory everyday,
We give you a good cheer though you're completely gay! ♫

Happy Birthday Graham!