happy birthday george!

Today, on Feb 25, is George Harrison's birthday. While I am a python fan, I am also a Beatles fan, and yesterday while I was watching Almost the Truth: The Lawyer's Cut, it said somewhere in there that George helped fund Life of Brian, and I was just going crazy after that. So, in honor of George's birthday, I made this pwettyful picture of him. Enjoy

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a_nervous_wreck: Thank you guys. And happy birthday-a-few-days-ago Georgie. You were to young :'(

Here Comes Another One: That's a lovely pic, ANW ... and happy birthday George!

Mr Nudge: Happy Belated Birthday from me, Georgie!

arkennedy: I'm about a day late but Happy Birthday George.


totally forgot his birthday this year, but I was listening to him all the same.
happy birthday one day to late georgE! <3

madasawetsporran: Yes he founded the film studio Working Title I believe, it's still on the go but I don't know who or what funds the company now? Happy Birthday George x sadly missed I too am a Beatles fan

the_thina at 8:04 am February 26

dont know if the company has changed its name, but back then it was called handmade films