happy birthday george harrison!

Im sure you all know about georges connection to python. if you dont, well, without him there would be no life of brian. and I will love him to the day I die for that.
today would have been his 66th birthday, so I just say, give it up for gerogie-boy!
video: our boys sing and talk at his memorial concert pic stolen from laura yesterday (thank you) with neil on guitar and eric dancing with the girls

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mrsCutout: HAPPY(a bit belated) BIRTHDAY GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday George.

I for one am very grateful to him for helping to make making Life of Brian possible.

btw: I found a video someone made for George Harrison's Birthday:


the_thina at 8:50 pm February 25

than you for the link. :)

Lady and Laird Candermine:

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Lady and Laird Candermine:

That was a wonderful memorial concert... had to get it.. put me in tears...
What a lovely soul George is... he is missed!

thewastelandr at 8:38 pm February 25

Awwww that is a great photo! I need to watch again to see where he is in the film.

the_thina at 8:48 pm February 25

he is in the crowd where brian comes out of his bedroom.you can see him just before brian goes out through the door (and in the original cut meets otto)

thewastelandr at 8:49 pm February 25


the_thina at 8:51 pm February 25

yeah.right when john goes "those of you possesed by demons..." bla bla if I remember it correctly

sit-on-my-face: Wonderful man! Another one gone too soon...

Lady of the Lake: Happy Birthday George, my favourite Beatle!

Lvndr HppE: Happy Birthday George! Thanks for putting that up. I haven't seen that in years!

the_thina at 10:13 am February 25

no problem mate. :) and have to say, the boys have some great looking arses for their age. dont you just wanna spank them? haha

Lvndr HppE at 10:24 am February 25

Oh, man. lol. It was hilarious to see them jogging around with their "bouncing butts" jiggling around. lol. I also loved when Dhani hugged Neil. Those are two guys I'd wanna hug, hugging each other.

the_thina at 10:31 am February 25

haha. you cant let that little quote from me go, can you? XD
yeah, it was him, was it? first time I saw it was not that long ago (this never aired here in sweden) and I thought "christ! wasent george dead?!" they look extremely much alike. :O

thewastelandr: Hahaha nice! It's ok, that's why I put the photos up!

thewastelandr at 7:21 am February 25

And also, happy birthday to George!

the_thina at 7:56 am February 25

yes. btw, was just talking to my mom. about that instrument we have been talking about, harpsichord. they are called taffel in swedish. makes no sense. but well, now I am memorizing both names. at least I try to. so frustrating dont knowing the name of one of your favourite instruments

thewhoserpython at 11:06 am February 26

Happy birthday George for yesterday! I love him so much, he was such a beautiful and peaceful man and had a great sense of humour! My two favourite things in the world, The Beatles and the Pythons! :)

the_thina at 2:24 pm February 26

yes, he really was. I cant decide 100% who I like best of the beatles though, but both theones Im torn in between are dead. :( john died a little over a year before I was born, bur george... still remember when I heard the news. there are only 2 celebreties deaths that have ever made me cry, that was george and johnny cash.:( (I still didnt know who graham was when he died, so even if Ive cryn over him since I didnt then)