Happy Birthday Graham !!!

Well, as it's Gray's birthday today, I think we should all change our avatars for the pix of dear Graham:)
I'm raising a glass of gin and tonic for the special day.

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arkennedy: Happy Birthday Graham

sit-on-my-face: Ouh. I'm crying now. mean funeral video. Laughing and crying out loud. I miss the man. Great human being.

Marina Dantas: YAAAY, happy bitrthday to our favourite doctor :D
To celebrate the special day, I'll go to the dentist ! wich is not a proper doctor I think... Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHAY :DDDD

Johnnyrose: He was a very naughty boy, endeed...


Happy Birthday wherever you are. You are the messiah!!!

Kasmira at 2:16 pm January 08

"Vive Brian, where ever you are!" You are the naughty Messiah!

MontyPython93: Happy birthday! We missssss you <3

Lady April:

I haven't changed my avatar in 18 months or more, I'm on a roll! Scott is mine! Nothing at all against Grahammy baby, love him, miss him and bless that crazy bastard who'd have been 69 years old today!

kisch at 9:17 am January 08

Oh shit ! I forgot to add that it is only for one day (change of the avatar). Anyway, nobody really have to do that, as long as they remember dear Gray today:) And I think we all do.

Lady April at 9:34 am January 08

Yes..... I'll have a quiet moment to ponder the beginnings of Grahammy hun...
Graham was born in a nursing home in Wigston Fields, England to Edith and Walter Chapman, brother John. Was a very beautiful and angelic boy.... *sigh* =)

kisch at 10:02 am January 08

I must admit, he is the most handsome of all the boys. As much as I'm totally attracted to Michael and John, still objectively Gray was the most handsome man...

the_thina at 2:33 pm January 08

I know most say that michael is the most attractive python. and he IS very cute, but Im with you on this one. graham was the most good-looking, closley followed by eric. but eric is more cute in a class-clown-way, graham was attractive when being totaly serious, the nut-job-humor was just a bonus.

Lady April at 2:45 pm January 08

I was in no way comparing but however you see it whatever...

the_thina at 3:00 pm January 08

now I dont quite get you Im afraid... but we all have different taste, and all the boys ARE cute in their own way. but then again, anyone who can make me laugh is cute in my way of seeing it. :)

Lady April at 3:10 pm January 08

I agree with you

Lady April at 10:13 am January 08

It's those HUGE blue eyes... *sigh*

Palins passepartout:

Cheers Gray! To us you are still part of the team! x x x x

TheMiracle: Happy Birthday dear Graham, we miss you!

Kasmira: If he was alive, today he'd turn 69 years...


Happy Birthday dear Graham <3 You are always in my heart. I just bought 'At last 1948 show' dvd and going to watch it today, because of you, Gray. I add here a picture that makes me laugh. What a lovely looney he was!

Mrs Conclusion: Thinking of our beautiful angel Graham on his special day. My avater picture shows Emmanuel College in Cambridge. For those of you who have visited the college and it's chapel, you know how beautiful the place is and how peaceful the gardens are. You can almost feel our Graham walking alongside us... God Bless 'im! xx


Here it is, Thina !
What a beautiful man he was...

the_thina at 7:23 am January 08

thank you! and yes, he really was. those eyes.... not to mention the dimples... *le sigh*

thewastelandr: Yes! Good idea! I couldn't resist putting this one up with dear Terry and Graham in it too. And obviously naked pictures are the best...

the_thina at 7:27 am January 08

I like this one even better. terry looksso happy and graham vwer worried. a bit like the colnal finding himself in a gay steaming-room/bath-house or whatever they are called, just totally by mistake. XD

Paute at 10:16 am January 08

I love this picture!

the_thina: good idea! I just posted a thread about him now too. he may be dead, but never forgotten. :) can you post the original of the one you have as avatar? loves it

Fettle: Happy birthday Gray, you are truly missed yet still very very loved.....

I shall change my avatar now...