Happy Birthday Graham!

Happy Bday Graham! RIP You would have been 70 years old:(
We miss you!

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mrsCutout: Ugh! i can't belive I missed it! I was so busy dAmn !!!
Happy late Birthday Graham!!!!!! I love you!! Say no more!
Hope you're having the hell of a time where you are now!!

Monty Petra: happy late birthday to the gorgeous and talented Graham.

TheRealGilliamFan: I was thinking of you on the 8th Graham, I didn't forget <3

a_nervous_wreck: Happy Birthday Graham! I celebrated it for you yesterday, with a tiny cupcake and some lollipops, and by sending an E-mail out to all my friends saying Join me in singing Happy Birthday to the biggest looney to ever dress in drag

Colonel Daughter: happy birthday, Reverend

MontyMaria: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D :D

arkennedy: Happy Birthday Graham.

the_thina: dear sweet graham. never met him but my god how I miss him. :(

TheSister91: yeah.. happy birthday Graham.. we miss you! :(

Jatta: Happy Birthday Graham. You may be dead but you'll live forever in our hearts.

J.Gambolputty: Happy Birthday Graham, we really miss you.

Paute: Happy Birthday!
We miss you.

Here Comes Another One: Hear hear - a great loss.

Johnnyrose: We miss him!