Happy Birthday John Cleese

Please click on the image to see the effect. I know this is over a week late but happy birthday anyway. I Hope it was a great one :)

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"You guys are so sweet... snif!

TheSister91: that's lovely arky!! oh I missed so much your works!! :)

saori7: It is great stuff!I like it:)

the_thina: as usual your animations makes me smile. pretty simple, but still awsome just like our dear gilliams animations. :)
and can you post the original pic of john with the lemur? I love all animals and all pythons, so whenever I see a python with an animal I get all warm and fuzzy inside. :) especially with john and the lemurs for I know the story of how much he love them small monkeys so much. :)

arkennedy at 1:28 pm November 08

Thanks :) I'm glad you enjoy my animations. Here is the original image...

the_thina at 2:26 pm November 08

thank you. I love ove OVE it! :D
cheek out for the animals-thread Im starting now

arkennedy at 3:41 pm November 08

I just looked at that thread. Great idea:D I love pics of the Pythons with animals too :)

the_thina at 6:22 am November 10

yeah. love the pythons and love animals, so that is a mix made in heaven for me! :)

CamelSpotter: Cool, it's the men who speak only the beginnings and ends of words! :)
Very nicely done

arkennedy at 1:31 pm November 08

Thanks :) I didn't realize that when I made this gif, but you're right it is the men who only speak the beginnings and ends of words :)