happy birthday john! :D

here in sweden it is past midnight now, its the 27th october and john cleeses 70th birthday! yay! :D
amazing and a little frightening that he is 70 now. but I have read somewhere that hes mother was over 100 years old when she died, and I know women ive longer than men, but the fact that he has 50% her genes cant be a bad thing + the fact that he still seem to be very alert. long live our sweet john!
I share this picture, another one of john with a lemur. I love how all of them exept mike are looking at the thing as they are in love with it. look at jamie, thats just the look I get on my face when any animal is near by as well. :)

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MontyPython93: Happy Birthday :D:D

arkennedy: Happy Birthday John.

Recess Elm: Happy birthday, John! Love ya lots. :D

WackyQueen: happy birthday mr.cleese!! i will now salute you with my home-made silly walk! <3

Mrs Conclusion: Happy Birthday ol' boy! Thanks for the many years of laughter you've given us. Long may it continue! Luv ya! xx

Lady of the Lake: Happy Birthday Jack Cheese!

Toonces: Happy Birthday, Mr. Cleese! Thanks for the laughs from an old-time fan of Python back when it was originally on PBS in the U.S. I saw Life of Brian at the movie theater in a state I felt sure would ban it (thankfully, that never happened, but there were a few nut-jobs outside with picket signs, who, of course, had not seen the film). ^_^

Thanks for bringing us your irreverent brand of humor for all these years. I hope you get to continue to do whatever makes you happy for a very long time.

TheMiracle: Happy Birthday, John! I hope you have many more. :)


the_thina at 6:37 am October 27

who dosent? :) and you know johns daughter is in that one, right?

mrsCutout at 7:32 am October 27

realy?I mean i knew she appeard in wanda but i didn't know she was in this one too! so cute that lemur!

the_thina at 7:39 am October 27

yep, she is the blond girl who takes the animals in to him and says they dont want to kill them

mrsCutout at 9:22 am October 27

Wow she looks cute! if i think of the right one!

the_thina at 9:28 am October 27

here you have her. she really looks like her mama, connie that is. :)

mrsCutout at 9:38 am October 27

she is a spittin image!and realy handsome i remebered right!!

the_thina at 9:41 am October 27

yes, she is very cute, just as connie is/was. :)

Tanya_Birklid19: Happy Birthday John! Zum Geburtstag viel gluck, zum Geburtstag viel gulck, zum Geburtstag liebe John, zum Geburtstag viel gluck! and many more. Alles Gutes zum Geburtstag!!

the_thina at 5:52 am October 27

and this one:bruder jakob, bruder jakob,schläfst du noch? schläfst du noch? hörst du nicht die glocken, ding dang dong, ding dang dong.
sorry if I made some spelling-misstakes somewhere after all its about 10 years ago I read german in school

the_thina at 5:48 am October 27

haha, I have a vague memory of singing that one in german-class. and oh tannenbaum. XD

Tanya_Birklid19 at 5:12 am October 28

I took German my junior year in high school. It was the most funnest class that I have ever been in! I wish I could take German 2 this year but I can't because I don't have any room in my schedule.

the_thina at 8:14 am October 28

yeah, german is a very interesting language. and it has simularitys to the local accent where I grew up, if I remember correctly gotland (the name of the island where I was born) was acctually german a few hundred years ago. + I have german relatives on my mothers side of the family, so reading german was a given for me. :)

jetpack toby: Happy Birthday John.

Hanri: Happy BirthDay, John! Don't kill yourself! Too many people love you around here.. :)

Palins passepartout at 6:16 am October 27

Yes, happy birthday John. Take care of yourself. There's one too many Python's gone now! Have a good day!

the_thina at 2:10 am October 27

I very much doubt he would... concidering the options on the poll on hes blog. I voted for coffe-deprivation LOL

mrs.twoshedsgallahad: Ooh, I forgot. HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY MR. CLEESE. And may you have many more.......

mrs.twoshedsgallahad: "I love how all of them exept mike are looking at the thing as they are in love with it."

Well if you look closer Kevin Kline's face expression could also be translated to "A little squeeze of lemon, some tartare sauce..."

the_thina at 7:08 pm October 26

haha, could be, but he has a tiny little smile lurking there, so I see it as admiering for the beutiful animal. ^^ and if he would try to eat it I think john would beat the hell out of him. haha, what a sight that would be on the other hand. XD

mrs.twoshedsgallahad at 8:35 pm October 26

Yeah, I totally agree, haha. Was just watching A Fish Called Wanda earlier, and Otto said the bit about lemon and tartar sauce about Ken's fish.... I just had to say it. Couldn't see that happening with Kevin Kline in real life though, he seems like an animal guy. But like you said, there's always Cleese to pound him out.

the_thina at 8:44 pm October 26

dont know anything about kevin IRL, but I do know that john is a animal-friend, especially a friend of lemurs, and a vegetarian. so he would not allow anything like that. :)

auntie sue san: Dear John, Just say you are 50 with 20 years experience. Yes we still need you yes we will feed you as Sir Paul so cleaverly wrote

terrylwoods: Hey John. Well, right this second it's 7:53, (at this writing), here in Tennessee. I hope you have a happy 70th birthday. And, of course, I hope you have many, many more in the future! Tale care!

the_thina at 6:02 pm October 26

is it monday or tuesday over there right now?

Lady April: Mmmmm Happy Birthday Johnny boy and I will see you in just 8 days!

Jatta at 8:26 am October 28

Oh you lucky bastard! :) throw him with a purple rubber duck for me, will you? ;)
Very happy belated Birthday, John! :)