Happy Birthday Johnnyrose!

Happy Birthday to our very own Johnnyrose! A present WILL follow, as soon as I get it to the post... So you can watch this while waiting... :) We LOVES ya!

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Paute: Happy birthday Jonneh !!!
PS: I love Eric´s hair in this sketches.

Johnnyrose: ... and with portuguese subtitles... you are too much!!!!

Hanri at 9:15 pm January 11

Nothing is too much for you, dear friend.... I'm off to a conference, but my fiance will be sending a package on my behalf to your general direction.. :)

Johnnyrose: Hanri... this IS my present, more then enough for me! You're so sweet...

kisch: Hope I'm not very late !
Happy birthday, dear Jonneh !!!

Love and HUGS.

Johnnyrose at 4:59 pm January 11

Thank you, my dear!

arkennedy: Happy Birthday Johnnyrose.

Johnnyrose at 5:12 pm January 11

Thank you again, Arkennedy! ;0)

Lady and Laird Candermine:

Happy Birthday, Johnnyrose!! May all your birthday wishes come true!
Much joy and happiness to you now and always...
giggles... the candermines : ) : )

Johnnyrose at 5:01 pm January 11

Being here is one of my wishes, thank you very much!

thewastelandr: Happy birthday, Johnny! May your day be full of birthday surprises and thoughts of Carol...

Johnnyrose at 5:05 pm January 11

Oooh! Ya wicked Ay! Wicked Ay! Oooh hooh! Say No MORE! thanks!!!

MontyPython93: Happy Birthday!! :D Oh look, isn't that Carol

MontyPython93 at 4:10 am January 10

I think that she's got something to say to you...!

Johnnyrose at 5:03 pm January 11

I.... droooolllllll .... I'm a baby, so... droooollllllllllll..... thank you... double droooollll...

Kasmira: Happy Birthday Johnnyrose! Have a great day :)

Johnnyrose at 5:06 pm January 11

You're so kind, my friend!

Stig: Happy B'day!!!

Johnnyrose at 5:07 pm January 11

... and it was endeed, thank you.

Lady April:

Oooooo Jr. I do hope you have a fabulous birthday!!!! Lots and lots of Carol with Carol on top! She says... "C'Mere big Johnnehrose..."

Johnnyrose at 5:08 pm January 11

Girl, you can always read my mind.... you're dangerous... Lot's of love!

Lady April at 6:37 pm January 11

he he - You think o her the way I think o Mikey. Mmmmabey I'm worse, dunno. We think alike! =D

Lvndr HppE: Happy Birthday, Johnnyrose!

Johnnyrose at 4:58 pm January 11

Thank you for reminding it... ;0)