Happy Birthday Michael

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MontyPythonrocks18: hey where did you get those young baby pictures of him?????

arkennedy at 6:32 pm May 05

Here's a link to the site I found them on: http://palinidle.topcities.com/

Paute: Excellent Tribute to Michael on You Tube. Terrific compilation!! Enjoy it!


The Ex-Leper: Holch sollst du leben. Holch sollst du leben. Dreimal holchs. Holch! Holch! Holch! *raps on desk with fist* yaay!!! And a very joyous birthday to my dearest most favorite British man ever!

Lady and Laird Candermine: Happy Birthday here too.. .Michael...!!!!
Super lovely mash, arkennedy!!!! and I like the graphic up there...

arkennedy at 3:43 pm May 05

Thanks :)

Lvndr HppE: Feliz Cumpleanos, Michael! See, since it's Cinco de Mayo? Uh, Happy Birthday, Mike!

Paute at 12:08 pm May 05

Muy bien con el español! En lugar de Michael deberías escribir: Miguel.
Y sí, cinco de mayo!!!!

the_thina at 12:25 pm May 05

och grattis på födelsedagen!


Holly: Best wishes on this...the day of your birth