Happy Birthday Terry Gilliam

Best wishes to the inspirational visionary we all love!

Here's the usual Warhol-inspired collage, as I like to do, but I tried some different effects this time. Enjoy!

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housepet1: Happy Birthday Gilly! Keep bringing us your wonderful visions! <3

MontyPython93: Happy Birthday to you!!! :D <3

thewastelandr: I love it! Good work on the effects!

mrsCutout: it is amazing you did it again!!

CamelSpotter: :)
Thanks, guys! I really appreciate it.
Also, thank you to PixelPixie for the original image - it's a screencap from "Almost the Truth."

arkennedy: I agree with the_thina, this is a great image :)

the_thina: andy has nothing on you dear! :D really love this