Happy Birthday Thina

Hope it's a good one.

Happy 2010, too!

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Happy Birthday!!

the_thina at 7:21 pm January 31

you are a month to late

Paute at 8:07 pm January 31

Yes... but i not posted in that date.
Better late than never!

Lady and Laird Candermine:

Here's another Birhtday thread! Excellent... Happy birhtday... again.... Happiness always to you Thina....


Happy Birthday, Thina! :))

MontyPython93: GRATTIS!!!!!!!!!! :D Ha en underbar födelsedag, och ett ännu bättre 2010! <3

the_thina at 4:41 am January 02

haha, det var igår jag fyllde, men bättre sent än aldrig antar jag. ;) fick ett grattis från en av mina kusiner för 5 min sen. haha.
tack. :)

arkennedy: Happy Birthday Thina :)

the_thina at 12:56 pm January 01

thank you. :)


Happy B day, The_thina!!

the_thina at 12:55 pm January 01

oooh, thank you. but whos the girl? I would not mind having patricia quinn or nina hagen pop up of my cake in that otfit. *wolf-whistle*

Holly: I hope you have a wonderful b-day

Hanri: Happy Birthday, dear! And many more to come!

the_thina at 9:19 am January 01

thank you sweetie

thewastelandr: Happy birthday, Thina! What a lovely picture!

the_thina at 8:37 am January 01

thank you. :) here are the original of this pic if you want it without my name on it. haha

thewastelandr at 12:52 pm January 01

Aww he's a darling!

the_thina: aaaah thank you! very nicely done, and one of my favourite pictures of sweet gray as well! :D

BroMaynardG at 6:38 am January 01

H BD 2U, H BD 2U. H BD. H BD. H BD 2U!

the_thina at 8:38 am January 01

thank you. :)