Dear Michael Edwardovitch!
Today is your birthday (or "day of marmalade" as we say in Russia)))) Honestly,I don't know what to say... Here,on Pytholine,I saw so many declarations of love to you - modest,not very modest and totally immodest... My God,it's amazing - a whole army of people who love you!!! But tell me,where I am in this army? I'm just sitting on the shore of my native Black Sea,watching the sunset.I think about you and can't stop thinking about you...The sun is setting,lower and lower,go beyond the horizon and it will shine over London soon (I hope in London weather is good today?))))
Sweet Sunny! Please,report my words to this man: he is my most favorite and best man in this strange and amazing world!(oh,actually,the second my favorite in this world.My daughter,she is my first truelove))))Sun,give him a long-long time,will always healthy and happy!Please...
P.S.Today we'll drink to you more than Thousand Toasts!!!!

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A. Lupin: Happy Birthday to an amazing Michael! ♥

Lady and Laird Candermine: Happy Birthday.... ... MIKE...
Lovely post Zoot just Zoot.... sounds like a wonderful celebration... I hear the Black Sea is soooo beautiful!!!

Zoot just Zoot at 10:36 pm May 06

Thank you! Well,wonderful man ( I mean Michael,of course)))) must have a wonderful celebration! Black Sea is marvellous,welcome and you'll see it yourself!))))))

Lady and Laird Candermine at 11:46 am May 07

love to just send us tickets and we will be there ... LOL ... cheers...

Zoot just Zoot at 12:01 pm May 07

Alright)) but how much of you should I wait?

Rosemary Greenwood: I'm celebrating in little town, in Poland.
Along the coast road, by the headland
the early lights of winter glow.
I'll pour a cup to you my darling.
Raise it up --- say Cheerio.
... Raise the cup and let's propose a toast with cranberry vodka FINLAND

Lvndr HppE: Happy Birthday, Michael!


kisch: Хи-хи, Михаил Эдуардович - это отличное наименование:)
(Tee-hee, Michael Edwardowich - I like that!).
Yes, seems like the whole world is celebrating! I'm sitting here on the native shores of the Finnish Gulf (in St Petersburg) and drinking to the health of this wonderful man!
Hello, btw and privet!