Happy Easter

Last year I posted a thread in which I had made several Python eater eggs: http://pythonline.com/node/18496461?page=0,0#comment I hid the eggs in one of my "Can You Find Gilliam?" images: http://pythonline.com/images/arkennedy/can_you_find_gilliam_40_happy_easter.

So this year I thought I'd share the links to the websites I used. Because I think there are many Pythonline members who will enjoy making their own Python eggs.

Here are the links:


http://www.glassgiant.com/easter_eggs/ (Last year I cut out everything other than the egg I wanted from the image. The smaller eggs (if you click on the "Python Easter Eggs" link were made with this site).


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OK here is my Egg, I tried to get cute with John but it don't really look right :0(

Lvndr HppE at 9:05 pm April 04

What's that supposed to be? I can't make it out!


I hope this works. I haven't posted a picture yet.

bundtcake at 3:24 pm April 03

W00t! My Eric egg!

arkennedy at 4:24 pm April 03

Nice :)


Heres Mine ( that i made in 5 seconds lol)
aww our little Johnnys a easter eggX)

arkennedy at 9:00 am April 03

looks great :)