Happy PO Anniversary Kisch

Two years on PythOnline!
And a meeting with Michael Palin to represent each year - not bad. :)

Here's to many more!

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I've posted it, but I'll post again, 'cause you deserve:

mrsCutout: congratulations i wish you to have sooo much more!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxx

MontyPython93: Congratz :D:D We all love you! <3

kisch at 12:04 pm November 17

Thank you very much !:)

Jatta: Congratulations kisch! :)

kisch at 11:31 am November 17

Thank you, Miss Purple Duck LOL

arkennedy: Happy Pythonline Anniversary Kisch :)

kisch at 10:57 am November 17

Thank you Arky !
It's great to be here !

Lady April: Hell, I had no clue! KISCHY DOLL!!!!!! I love ya me Russian babe!!!! *HUGZZZZZZZZ* and congratties!

kisch at 11:21 am November 17

Aww, April... you know I'm very grateful to P-Line, because I kinda *met* you hre ?;)

Lady April at 12:37 pm November 17

This isn't the first place we met! DOOD! We met in 2 other places before P-line!

kisch at 12:57 pm November 17

Hmmm... right you are ! But I totally forgot about the other two:)
Strange isn't it. I always associate you with P-Line. Why is that I wonder...

Lady April at 1:11 pm November 17

cause we've been together the longest here ;-) I left PT for over a year. Then there was Fan Forum as well. Then I came here and you followed shortly after I believe!

housepet1: Happy Anniversary Lucky Lady!!! :-) Keep 'em coming and keep on smiling!

kisch at 10:29 am November 17

thank you darling:)))

kisch: just. WOW:))))))
Thanks SO much, Cam this was totally unexpected and I myself forgot about it !
Thank you for doing this collagу !
OMG OMG.... just thinking of those moments makes my heart go faster !

I'm very happy to be here on PO:)))
You are a wonderful bunch !

Hanri: Congratulations!!!! You make PythOnline and the Python Army proud! Keep it up. :) We loves ya.

kisch at 9:55 am November 17

Kiitos, Hanri ! I love PythOnline:))))