Unfortunately I am out of town without a pc so my tribute is very poor! Sorry guys. Maby you can post your stuff here!!
Anyways it's the anniversary today and i want to wish you all to have a happy python day!!!!
What will you all do??

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French Taunter: Good enough for me, nothing is poor when is question of tribute to somebody or something!^^ Merry Python Day! ^^

a_nervous_wreck: Omg!!! Happy Python day everybody!!!! I'll celebrate once I get home from this slaughter house they call a school...

Johnnyrose: Yes!!! Is today.... (appart from every other days)... The day the first MPFC was seen on tv, 42 years ago!

mrsCutout at 5:41 pm October 06

Haha yes indeed!

mo at 3:10 pm October 07

I watched the 1st 2 episodes then Holy Grail.

mrsCutout at 4:55 pm October 07

Oooh that's cool! ....I did nothing.Damn.But I plan to for the weekend!

mo at 12:48 pm October 09

You naughty type person,mrsCutout,:)