Happy X-mas with Lumberjack and friends ;-)

Well,this is a thing I made for christmas, for pythonline.

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Johnnyrose: Just like my dear papa!!! Ho!Ho!Ho! Love it!!

MontyPython93: How very nice! :D Haha I love that gingerbread man xD

silly Ministress: Thanks for the compliments.

I´m happy you like it ;-)

mrsCutout: Hhaha!i love it!thanks for the great present!

thewastelandr: Oooh! Love it! That's a great picture!

Hanri: What a beautiful card!! Merry Christmas to you too, you talented you!

WackyQueen: Cool, thanks for sharing! :)

The Ex-Leper: Ohh so cute! I want to put it on a card!