Has everyone died?

Pythonline's snuffed it, it seems. WHERE IS EVERYBODY IN THE CLUB? Most of us have either got a life now, migrated to Tumblr, and/or have died, like I have.
If you have died, like I have, leave a contribution below so we may mourn over your passing into the choir not-so-invisible.

Yours murderingly, Charlie Edwards, professional Palin impersonator.


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DrWinstonOrPiglet: Okay it seems that any stories regarding my own personal death were greatly exaggerated. Unfortunately I was kidnapped and held for ransom by a rather short, scruffy guy for quite some time. Don't ask how I was able to break free, it just... sort of happened.

Goodness I didn't even notice that the original post had been made so long ago... eep... this site is deader than I'd expected!

Hanri: Peeps! Can you hear the machine that goes "ping"? That means I'm still alive!

Been away for too long, all because of very inexcusable and boring reasons, but I'll do my very best to behave better and hang around here more. And I'll attempt to get back on the Watch Python With Me challenge, I definitely dropped the ball on that one (almost typed dripped). I have new installments to add on the list.

Anyways, I'm back, I'm not dead yet, and I feel happy!

charlotte93: Sorry I have died, but luckily my spirit stayed in this world, so my spirit will from now one try to be more online and write posts for me!

Paute: Still alive....!!

Just some like members of Abba

RobbyEgo: ...for the nudge. Took a bit, din't it? Oh well, can't be helped. Here we are, all dead and whot.

the_thina: Im here, but Ive noticed the same thing as you did. wonder what happened so everyone just migrated.
maybe we should spread the word about the sight to get some NEW members?

pancakes22: I'm very sorry for your loss, moment of silence.
As for all you who are still laying around, pining for the fjords, get up please so those of us who don't have a life yet aren't all alone.

DrWinstonOrPiglet: *rushes in* Eep! No, I'm not dead, I swear! I was just restin'!

Or I could just tell you that real life severely limited my Pythonline time... grandmother is ill and is living with us until she can get some help at home, I got a tooth pulled recently, etc etc etc. But I think that version of the story would be too boring. ;D

Yours etc, DrWinstonOrPiglet, forever in search of handsome not-so-chaste knnnigggets.

MrSPGUMBY: The rumors of my demise have been greatly underestimated.

arkennedy: I don't think I've been on the site much lately either. I think I'm still alive, but I could be wrong... Could I get back to you on that?

Enjoy Spamalot :)

Rumbledoll: Well I was contemplating what to do, but am alive and kicking....on FB, where else :-D