Has Python Helped You in Any Way?

I think I saw this thread here before, but I wanted to make my own. Anyway, I know Python is full of historical references and such, but has anyone ever learned anything from it? I have! A couple weeks ago we had a history test, and we had to answer some questions about Karl Marx. I was completely lost until I remembered the World Forum sketch where Marx answered those questions. I still got a C though. And another time I had to do a worksheet for science about our galaxy, and again I was stuck. Then I started humming the Galaxy Song, and I answered almost all the questions right. Anyway, enough about me, I want to know if Python has helped you in anyway like this. And the picture is of me eating a celebratory ramen after finishing my science worksheet.

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l_wojcik: I'm in my second semester at University and taking my first Philosophy class. On the first day, the Prof asked each of us to name as many Philosophy as we could. Are you kidding me? Need I go on?

the_thina: YES THAY HAVE! apart from making me laugh a lot, I am now undergoing a series of tests to see if i have aspergers, autism or adhd.
and one question was "how fast does light travel?2 and I could answer just because of the galaxy song1 unfortunatly we have the metric system here so i also pointed ut that that was in english miles. haha

a_nervous_wreck at 1:58 pm March 02

Cool! Did you have any of them? I have aspergers syndrome myself

the_thina at 4:35 pm March 02

well, the tests are not finished yet, still have 1 or 2 meetings to go, but last time I was there she said that very much is pointing to aspergers

madasawetsporran at 2:47 pm March 02

I found I was not as painfully shy as I thought once I found my MP voice! My teen years were awkward & I felt less than attractive to say the least. I found my memory for comedy & my mimicry in accents & foreign language helped me a great deal, I am a natural parrot. I grew in confidence found boys flocking around me not just the pretty girls. I was "one of the boys". Later the "pretty girls became jealous & threatening but I coped with my comedy reposts they soon lost face. I finally bloomed into a not too bad a young woman even winning a local beauty contest for a local football team I didn't even enter. Monty Python, Pete & Dud helped me survive & to this day my gallows humour often gets me out of trouble!! :)