Is he wearing what I think he's wearing?!

So, since there's a Terry Jones tumblr, I found a Michael tumblr, and I happen to stumble across this photo. Now, my first thing my eyes settled on were the shoes Mike is wearing. I did a few double takes and this thought came across my mind, Are those . . . sneakers? Then I thought No, they can't be. But they may be so, I'll leave it up to you.

If he is wearing sneakers, this makes him 10 times more epic :)

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mrs galahad 19: I've made a rather not so marvelous discovery! Those shoes Mike is wearing are possibly Red Wing shoes ... y'know ... the ones that are formal/informal at the same time.

kisch: I was at this talk in London, and I wasn't sitting very far from the stage, but still I couldn't figure out what is this he's wearing!! I was very very intrigued:) I don't think those are sneakers, just light boots with white soles. I have never seen him wearing them before or after.

a_nervous_wreck at 1:36 am September 19

... you were in the same room as Michael Palin and Terry Jones? *bows down* I am not worthy, I am not worthy...

mrs galahad 19 at 1:52 pm September 20

. . . . . . . . jealous

Pantomime horse at 8:24 am September 21

Very jealous indeed...

a_nervous_wreck: 0_0..... HOLY SHIT!!!!! IF HE IS I HAVE A PAIR THAT LOOK JUST FUCKING LIKE THOSE!!!! 8D HOLY SHIT FUCK! I might own the same pair of shoes as MICHAEL fucking PALIN!!!

Also, YOUR ICON! Its my picture! :D *dies of happiness*

mrs galahad 19 at 8:44 pm September 16

lawlz I love your reaction to this, Fred XD I hope you do, and if it is so, I am jealous.

Thought it would be a nice avatar pic thingee :) You're welcome.

kermit at 12:48 am September 19

They look comfortable

katithepythonfan: They could be sneakers or they could be some sort of walking boots made specially for fantastic travellers... Hard to tell. Anyway, I think he's superepic already :)

mrs galahad 19 at 2:49 pm September 16

He's been super epic in my book for a long time. Add 10 times to that and you get SUPER DUPER MEGA EXTREMELY EPIC! OH YEAH!