Hello Again

Hi Pythonites,

I'm a member here since 2008 (and I was on the previous site much sooner), as I learnt, but I think this is my first ever visit at the new home-page... I used to be a member of the old one (perhaps that's why my registration still exists. That one was the dailyllama thing, but as it wasn't updated too often - actually, I've just checked it, those articles are still there in the news section... And I talk about 2005-2006 news...

The point is that I left the dailyllama forum then, and I've only been on John Cleese's forum, and on Michael's forum, too for a while, but then only on John's. But since not much happens over there, I'm a rare visitor on there too. Instead, I'm on Twitter and FB, and we, with a friend of mine, Tina (I think she's also a member here), run individual fan-pages for the Python lads.

And when I went to the other pythonline-stuff (dailyllama), it seemed inactive, therefore, I looked for a new pythonline - I knew that there's an active one. And it was a total surprise for me that I still could log in after all those years.

Chris xx

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mrsCutout: HEY CHRIS!!!!!welcome back

Rumbledoll: Hey Chris,
Alex here :-) Yes, it is a bit confusing and not much happening here either. I believe in order to make a new post you have to go up to the top to 'posts', then go to 'create content'.
Not sure if that's what you're trying to do.

As for your post not showing up, it's probably because you're on unread posts, which means your post won't show up. Go to 'all posts' and it should be there...complicated, just a bit hahahaha
See ya on FB xoxox

mrsCutout at 3:24 pm December 04

yes it's a bit annoying...

chris14: why do I have to reply to my own posts every time I try to post something? And why can't I see it in the main posts?

chris14: Dunno what this stuff, I just want to post a welcome message.