Heloo from Terry

Well hello,

Terry here - dipping a tentative toe into what I believe they call social media. John C seems to have been doing this for simply ages but I'm new to it all so be gentle with me. I do now have a Twitter account (@PythonJones) whatever that is and the nice people at Twitter have been kind enough to 'verify' me - which means that I am now in absolutely no doubt as to who I am. Which is nice.

I'll try to remember to post some things here about what I'm up to - the new animated movie, the LIfe of Brian drama and so on, and the new book I'm writing at http://www.unbound.co.uk. Once again it's one of these new-fangled ways of doing things called 'crowd-funding' which means that you get to buy the book before I've written it. But when I do write it, it will have your name in it, which is a lovely thought. Anyway, have a look.

Off to Bath now.


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Hanri at 8:03 pm July 07

"Borrowing" from the best, eh? ;)

mrsCutout at 3:16 pm July 09


Julyful: Hello! :-) Will there be a german translation?

terryjones at 6:38 am July 07

I'm sure that if enough people want one then we could do one.

Hanri: I have a question for you, Terry, sir.. Have you had any of your writing translated in other languages?

Reason I ask is that I work with kids between ages 7 and 20 (guess one might call 20-year-olds 'kids' when one's passed that age, right? ;), and sometimes get a little shortage of good stories to pass on. Don't get me wrong, there are hundreds of stories to tell, but the quality of the writing is the one that narrows a lot of the selection down, so from time to time I've reached out to the Fantastic Stories and tried my best to tell the stories in Finnish. I mean, I've found your stories really helpful at times, since your style differs a lot from the mainstream storybooks and have the sort of quirkyness that makes me chuckle. Your stories would be magnificent to find in one's mother tongue around Europe!

terryjones at 2:21 am July 06

There are quite a few in various languages I think. I don't have a complete list though. There's certainly:

Contes de fées et Histoires fantastiques
Erik le Viking
Ma guerre contre la
Raumschiff Titanic. (With Douglas)
Mein geheimes Elfen- Album.
El Rey Atolondrado y Otros Cuentos Estrafalarios
Guia Practica de Los Goblins
De heks en de regenboogkat


Pachorruo at 11:35 am July 08

did not know you have books in spanish

mrsCutout at 2:54 pm July 06

If I may annoy everyone again about the books here...there aren't any! I had to go to London to buy Barbarians and Erik the Viking.Just bring them over here!I'll buy them all!!

the_thina at 3:00 pm July 06

sadly I dont think terry can do anything about in what countreys his books can be found. you have to go to bookstores and nag on them I think. antiquarians can be good, but sadly there are hardly any around these days, at least not here in sweden

mrsCutout at 3:17 pm July 09

Yep I know....That's why I said it.Just expressing a many year old complain haha.Strangely enough I seem to find more of python stuff lately haha!

kisch at 9:26 am July 06

The book of "Barbarians" got a limited release in Russia. If I can find it, I'll bring it to that lunch.

Paute at 10:17 am July 06

Barbarians is in spanish too. Thanks for remember me this book.

Hanri at 9:14 am July 06

Thank you for your reply. :) So considering that last one you mentioned there might be some hope to find your books in Finnish some day. But that's the curse with our language, really, that we have to wait for quite a while before finding not-so-mainstream books translated. But it's a good thing then that we start learning English in schools from almost day one, so we get to enjoy these marvelous books later on! (And maybe that's one reason it takes so long to get stuff translated, 'cause so many of us have the basic skills to manage in English, I dunno..)

Paute at 4:37 am July 06

I have too (in spanish, obviously): "El Caballero y su Escudero" and "La dama y el Escudero".

French Taunter at 2:46 am July 06

Right! The books and the films can be translated but it never be the same as the original writing (some ideas have to change because they are not adapted to all cultures or languages). That is a shame and as, I said before, I had (and I am not the only one) to learn english very well to understand what was so funny about the pythons films and other humouristic stuff. I swear that If I could I would change some translations in pythons films and others humoristics films. :P

King Brian the Wild: By the way Terry, I guess many of us would like to know "absolutely anything" ;-) Please tell us something about this new exciting proyect: http://www.slashfilm.com/terry-jones-will-direct-john-oliver-in-absolute...
Are finally all the other Pythons involved? Thanks for updating us ;-)

terryjones at 11:09 am July 05

Still in pre-production on this one I'm afraid. It does take a very long time to get films off the ground these days.

King Brian the Wild at 11:47 pm July 05

Thank you very much for your reply Terry. It's a real honour to be in touch with one of the Pythons! I hope this film will be more luckier than Terry G's Don Quixote proyect :-( Can't wait to watch it on the screen. I hope it will be as funny as the book Spaceship Titanic (or even more).

mrsCutout at 3:18 pm July 09

How very interesting!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: July must be my lucky month or something. Not only am I getting your book, but thanks to you and the guys at Unbound I apparently won some lottery thing, entitling me to a free upgrade! At first I thought you were secretly nicking whatever money I had left in my tiny bank account, but how I was mistaken!

Yet again, I send many thanks, kind sir!

Ealhstan at 12:57 am July 05

Yes, that was us at UNbound. WE held a Friday lottery for all Pythonline fans who pitched for Terry book, the prize being an upgrade to the next level of pledge. We'll probably do the same this Friday.

Hanri at 7:31 am July 05

That's is SO generous of you! Excellent news for us. :) Thank you!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 3:44 am July 05

Marvellous idea, darling, gives the other Python maniacs another chance to win :D

Paute at 11:55 am July 05

I don't know why my name doesn't appears between supporters.

Paute at 3:41 am July 05

Wow!, great!! I'm in!

terryjones: Found it. As a thank-you to everyone on Pythonline who has pledged towards my new book 'Evil Machines' on http://www.unbound.co.uk, here's me reading one of the chapters. I hope it doesn't put you off the rest. http://pythonline.com/story/evil-machines-nice-bomb

kisch at 10:36 am July 04

53%!!! Let's make it happen, Terry, or I'll be left without this lunch with you!;))))

Paute at 11:42 am July 04

Next time the pack should include a plane ticket. :(

Paute at 2:59 pm July 04

Finally done! and promote from here: http://unbound.co.uk/books/1/promote?promoter_id=155

Tanya_Birklid19 at 4:38 pm July 04

Boo-yah! I've done it!!

terryjones at 12:59 am July 05

Well you're all very lovely. I shall type this morning with renewed vigour.

terryjones: I've reached 50% for my new book 'Evil Machines' so thank you all very much. I'll see of I can excavate a suitable thank-you present from my desk. http://www.unbound.co.uk/books/1

Paute at 9:27 am July 04

Deserve it!

King Brian the Wild: Wow- just had a look into Pythonline and found a real Python here. I think I should pop by more frequently ;-) Welcome Terry and as you already know, sit down, have a scone, make yourself at home. Greetings from a German living in Spain and writing in English ;-)

the_thina: oh, is this for real? HELLO TERRY! :D there has been much talk in here when the first real python would dear show his face in here, and we never thought it would be you!
you are very wellcome in here though. hope you enjoyed your stay here on my home-island gotland too btw, you seem to pop up everywhere I go right now.
will check out your book, of course I will. :)

Paute: Oh my... welcome naughty boy!!!! Glad read you here!!! Just I'm speachless.
Welcome here, on Twitter and your new book!.
And all the other welcome wich I add.

Lvndr HppE: Well, hello Terry Jones, or as we fans lovingly call you, Jonsey! Nice to meet you, sorta. We hope to see more of you here!

mrsCutout: So I just recovered from a great shock...came in here as I do every day expecting to find the usual posts but no! Here's a new post from THE Terry Jones...wow!
Only today I read about this new way of ordering the book but I don't quite get it how are we going to get the book?We order it and then we have it sent?Can it be done from where I am here in old Greece?Btw I read a few lines and it's awesom I can't wait.I never liked twitter...but suddenly it seems very good and useful to me...maby I should join!It's very encouraging that all of you use the media in the best way because it brings you closer to the fans!How nice!
By the way that Life of Brian drama sounds so so strange haha.But it will be interesting to watch.Python in animation,in a drama,about a comic film.Cool!

Hanri at 9:50 am July 02

Well I'm from Finland, and participated through PayPal, and they added a 5£ extra postal fee for non UK supporters, so yeah, it would appear so that it will come through the mail. :)

Ealhstan at 3:50 am July 04

Ahoy! - Justin here from Unbound.co.uk - books will indeed be sent through the post, other than ebooks which will be sent through the aether and special editions whioch will be couriered by African swallow.

Johnnyrose at 4:33 pm July 03

Terry... Terry... this name remind me someone... but who??? :o)

Hanri at 11:22 pm July 03

I wonder who that could be....... ;)

Tanya_Birklid19: Wow. I just . . . it's really . . . this is so cool! The great Terry Jones is here on Pythonline! I welcome you, good sir! *curtsies*

Moving on, I am really intrigued by your book! Once I get my hands on it, there's no way of releasing it from them!! Mwahahaha! *clears throat* Right, so, I wish you the best of luck on your quest of becoming involved with the social media. I know you'll do just fine :)

From North Dakota with love

PS About the animated film, it's a fantastic idea and I hope it goes well!! Also, I'm happy that you joined Twitter, I started following you as of a day or so ago. Looking forward to more!

TheLateColonelVolestranglerBracketsMrs: I signed up for Twitter last week for some reason. Maybe I should find out how it works and 'follow' Terry, as I'm already following every bit of info I can on the animated film and the Brian drama.

terryjones at 3:42 am July 04

Well I don't know what I'm doing on Twitter either but it hasn't stopped me. Yet.

TheLateColonelVolestranglerBracketsMrs at 11:36 am July 06

Well, less than two weeks after signing up to Twitter I'd already forgotten my password - good start - but the new password's working so I'm now following you. I'm still not sure if I'll think of something to actually say on Twitter - not in 140 characters or less - but there I am, and if anyone asks why, I'll say it's because Mr Creosote encouraged me.

J.Gambolputty: First of all, don't worry, you're doing just fine with the (indeed occasionally terrifying) social media. :)

Secondly; Welcome, welcome and welcome! It's great to see you on Pythonline, and your book sounds really intriguing. Very distinctive, I think. I too shall have to buy it as a soon as it's possible.

About that animated movie - I think it's absolutely wonderful to hear that you decided to make together something like that. Although it's sounds great as it is, I would love to see Eric taking part in it also. Maybe you could try to change his mind?

Well, all the very best (as Mr. Pither would say...) and have fun in bath. Sorry, Bath, I mean. Haha.


Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Aha, a very good aftermorning to you Mr. Jones. Nice to see you to see you nice as Brucie would say. Wow, this is ... ha, I can't believe the one and only Jonesy has made it to Pythonline! I bow down to your very mightiness :)

Oh this book of yours is starting to interest me, this and Mike's book. He's writing one too I hear, so you'll have stiff competition, but I'll buy both so it's fine hehe.

Yours insincerely,

Naomi of Blackburn, where there are 4,000 holes.

P.S: Enjoy your time in the 'Bath' ;D (I recommend using one of them really posh bubble baths from John Lewis or the Body Shop or somewhere to really spice things up a bit ... mmm, suddy)

P.P.S: That Rufus Jones better do a good job with Holy Flying Circus :D

mrsCutout at 3:09 pm July 02

True......I agree with both PSs

Hanri: A very warm welcome to the action from all us PythOnliner twits!

Honoured to have you on board, I remember seeing you here through MashCast many moons ago. I've always enjoyed reading your work, had loads of fun (and still have!) reading and listening to the audio book on Starship Titanic. So I can't WAIT to get my hands on the new book! And all the best from Finland to Bath!