Hello everyone, I'm calling upon my Python comrades with a special request, can you please come check out my Google + community? I'm a hard working radio presenter, who's show only exists because of lovely support by my listeners. I'm a friendly person too, so if I can raise awareness on my show about a cause or event you'd like aired, please let me know. I love you all very much. :)

My radio show Google +

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cony: Hi, I like to check your radio show out - hope I'll get it "how when what where" and so ;-)!

PythonDJgirl at 5:40 am December 28


I go online 3 times a week here

Sunday: 12-3 PM ET

Monday: 9 PM -12 AM ET

Wednesday: 7-10 PM ET

Except for New Year's Eve, I'll be going on at 7 PM :)