help me name the cat!

its like this that I am getting a new cat so my kitty (on the picture) gets a friend and I get another cat to snuggle.
since the long-thounged kitty is named selina, after catwoman in one tim burtons batman-movies, its only fair that my new family-member get a python-connected name.
but my brain has dryed out from all these autism/aspergers/adhd-tests Im going through at the moment so I cant think of any... so I ask your help!

it have to be a name that at least can pass as a FEMALE name and have an S-SOUND in it (because cats pay attention when they hear s-sounds beeing made)

so... help me out! this is not exactly a game, and there will be no price, just see it as brainstorming in group.
I will just pick a name I like and thinks fits with her personality. since Im picking the cat up from an animal-shelter and not yet made my first visit there I dont have any pictures of the cat in question, just know what gender I want...

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Sgt. Looney: SPAMmy??? You know, "pammy" with an "S" in front? Nahhh, Biggles is better.

Have you decided as yet though, Thina?

the_thina at 3:53 am March 13

yes I have. I got a boy even if I wanted a girl... and he is named GROUCHO since he reminds me of groucho marx... thanks for all the tips i got and all, but his personality just was telling me who he was...

TheRealGilliamFan: How about "Miss Pither"?

LemonCurry95: Hey, call it SID. Sid or Sidney can be a girl's name as well. It's not Python connected I know, but it's still a cool name. If I had a cat, I'd call it Sid. You could spell it with a Y too, as in S-Y-D.

Here Comes Another One at 6:22 pm March 10

Syd as in Syd Barratt, awesome! I don't think I'd call a girl cat Syd though. Be great for a male.

LemonCurry95 at 1:07 pm March 12

Oh, I was thinking more Sid Vicious, but Syd Barratt's cool too : ) Sid is definitely a girl's name too, cause I've heard of a few girls named Sid...and a boy named Sue, but that's different...

Lvndr HppE: Well, if it needs an "S", it must be a philosopher. {laughs at her own joke} So, a girl's name that starts with an "S".Didn't they mention a singer named "Selena" in Meaning of Life? Or was it "Sandy". Actually, I think it was Sandy. That's a nice name.

the_thina at 10:59 am March 02

it dont have to START with an s, just have a s-sound in it

Here Comes Another One at 3:57 am March 01

Good point! Sandy's good because Eric plays a couple of characters called Sandy.

Mr Nudge: Dinsdale!

Johnnyrose: Biggles!

Hanri at 10:22 am February 26

I'd vote for that! Can be both boy and girl, since it's a surname. Biggles!

Sgt. Looney at 6:42 pm March 11

Yes. Definitely "Biggles".
And sometimes you can call her "Senor Biggles", just to piss her off.

Johnnyrose: Monty?

the_thina at 10:19 am February 26

I said, a GIRLSname!

a_nervous_wreck: Name it Loretta! :)

the_thina at 10:19 am February 26

no s in loretta

kisch: I had a cat named Sheila. Not really Python-connected but I loved the name and my cat lived for 18 years, which is quite good for a cat.

l_wojcik: I'd say "Zoot" or "Biggles". :-) Those two tickle my fancy.

arkennedy: Some may not be recognizable as characters from Python by people who aren't Python fans or haven't seen much Python but here are the possibilities I came up with:

From Flying Circus:

Mrs Conclusion or Mrs Premise from Mrs Premise and Mrs Conclusion visit Jean Paul Satre in Episode Twenty-seven: Whicker's World

Dame Elsie from 'Spot the Loony' in Episode Thirty-eight

Gladys from Old lady snoopers in Episode Thirty-three

Iris from The visitors in Episode Nine: The ant, an introduction

Jasmina from Agatha Christie Sketch (Railway Timetables) in Episode Twenty-four

From Holy Grail:

If a Z sound instead of an S sound is okay (they're similar in pronunciation) Zoot

I couldn't find anything from Life of Brian or The Meaning of Life that would fit in with what you're looking for.

the_thina at 3:26 pm February 24

mrs conclusion I have been thinking of myself... and dame elise and zoot are great ones as well. :)

madasawetsporran at 4:12 pm February 24

I remember an old spoonerism used by us & MP back in the day "Trex" a cooking fat brandname = fooking cat! Or do u call it shortening or some such?