Help save Ringo's Home!!

Hi guys,

I know this isn't Python related but I also know there are many Python fans that are also Beatles fans so I thought you guys could help me out....

Ive just created a petition to help save Ringo's childhood home in Liverpool as the council are looking to have it demolished.

If everyone could sign and help spread the word i would REALLY appreacite it...


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Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Wow! Last time I remember there was only 3 signatures. Now there's 34.
What an amazing amount of support!

Ringo <3

Fettle: Thanks everyone! keep spreading the word please!

The Other OTHER Operation: I just signed it - although it makes me a bit nervous. They CLAIM it won't be used for spamming, but still....

Lvndr HppE: Yes, I signed it too! And said that I liked it on facebook.

Paute: Signed!

the_thina: Ill sign too.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: I heard about this on TV yesterday. THEY CAN'T DO IT! THEY JUST CAN'T!
*signs immediately*

mo: I'll sign.No problem.