Here's something I just found on youtube

I think you'll probably recognize someone in this clip :) Sorry it's so dark.

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Mrs Conclusion: It could have been a scene in Fawlty Towers! Can you imagine "Basil" just jumping up and down in rage at the TARDIS cluttering up his hotel? Tee Hee! x

mrsCutout at 1:16 pm October 21

I had no idea! Haha it would be amazing!
Wow Mrs.Conclusion you've benn away long!

genji: I just came across this as well:

Did Mr. Cleese appear in Doctor Who?

arkennedy at 7:49 pm October 20

Thanks for the link :)

genji: Also, Eleanor Bron and - is that Tom Baker?

arkennedy at 1:02 pm October 12

Yes it is Tom Baker, the episode was during his years as the doctor :)

genji at 1:47 pm October 12

I only really spotted the scarf!

arkennedy at 2:23 pm October 12

Guessing correctly who it was just by the scarf is impressive. Good catch :)

genji at 10:38 pm October 12

Ok - the scarf and the hat. John Pertwee didn't wear a hat.

mrsCutout at 1:37 pm October 12

Elanor Bron is amazing!!

Lvndr HppE: I love it!

Not that late: Funny, thanks for posting this.

arkennedy at 12:04 pm October 12

You're welcome

mrsCutout: A hahaha it's John! Great video thanks for sharing!

arkennedy at 4:00 pm October 11

You're welcome