Hey you guys...

How is everybody? I'm gonna ask kind of the same thing as before...(and thanks again so much, the_thina) has anybody seen these in color? And possibly in a bigger version? I'm very excited to see the same thing in color...hmmmm.

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I have a program on my computer that lets you enlarge photos (as well as do other things) and for the most part the images stay fairly clear.

arkennedy at 3:14 pm September 10

Here's the other image.

zof at 4:06 am September 11

wow! never seen this pics before!uh Terry...what a cutie, I bet he's drawing on of his weird pieces of art :I
Its me or his hair looks darker than usual?

Screaming Queen at 8:04 am September 11

I know! I think it might be the lighting, that's why his hair looks darker.

Screaming Queen at 8:32 pm September 10

Awww..thanks a lot! I appreciate that! :D

arkennedy at 11:32 am September 11

You're welcome :)

Btw: In case you're wondering what program I used, it was Photoscape (which is a free program)

Screaming Queen at 12:46 pm September 11

Thanks for that. I have Paint Shop Pro, which comes in handy sometimes! I've tried resizing photos that were small too, but most of the time they aren't too clear. I can try to sharpen the image, but you know, sometimes that doesn't cut it either.

arkennedy at 11:00 pm September 11

I have a version of Paint Shop Pro as well and while I think it's good for adding effects and creating new images, I know what you mean about trying to re-size an image that's too small.

Screaming Queen at 10:22 am September 12

Adding effects and creating new images is a lot of fun and something I enjoyed learning to do. Creating new layers and things is ingenious and for a moment, makes you feel like you can do anything artistically for the program, haha.

Lvndr HppE: I'm not wearing my glassses. Is that Gilliam?

Screaming Queen at 1:44 pm September 10

Yup, it's Terry from the "Do Not Adjust Your Set" pictures. 1968. I'm just really happy to see them in color, despite how small they are.

mrsCutout at 4:59 am September 11

WOW! I had no idea no wonder you couldn't find it in colour!It's such a great pic Terry looks cute!

Screaming Queen at 12:51 pm September 11

I know!! I'm so happy! I got it from an English site called Rexfeatures.com and in fact about 4 years ago I found the ones that made it onto "Almost The Truth" and I was absolutely bent on trying to find regular sized copies of the photos but I couldn't, so I came here! :)

mrsCutout: Sorry but I haven't seen it anywhere....Can't help you there!